3 Ways That Our Safety App Supports Church Mission Trips

March 26, 2018
Religious Organizations

Mission trips can be a great blessing to your church community, allowing your members to bond as they work together to serve those most in need around the world. Before you set out on your mission travel, it’s important to plan ahead to make sure everyone has a fun and safe experience. CrisisGo’s mobile safety platform can support your important mission work in three key ways:


1.      Two-way emergency communication anywhere in the world


Give your mission group a simple way to stay connected wherever they go with reliable, two-way emergency communication. Plus, you can avoid those extra long-distance fees your phone carrier charges for calling and sending messages overseas. CrisisGo also supports multi-media messaging. Pictures and videos can help convey vital information about a life-threatening situation quickly and efficiently. This can vastly improve your mission team’s emergency response and incident management. Team members can use this function to communicate status updates and advice in real time during a crisis, as well as ensure that everyone is safe and accounted for once the danger has passed.


2.      Messaging groups that can be customized for every mission trip


You can also set up custom messaging groups specifically for your mission trip, so that participants can easily communicate with each other, their safety leaders, your church security team, and their loved ones back home. If mission members find themselves stuck in a dangerous situation (for example, a fast-spreading wildfire), they will have easy access to the people who can help them right away via these messaging groups. And safety leaders can instantly alert mission members who might be affected by the threat.


3.      Personal Panic button


If your mission members are ever in danger, you want them to receive assistance immediately. You’ve probably invested in mission trip insurance to help protect your team and the church from unforeseen risks. But odds are, your mission group will encounter threats on their trip that your church safety plan doesn’t cover, such as wild animals or extreme weather. When that happens, mission members can use CrisisGo’s Panic button feature to instantly send an alert with details about their situation and their GPS location to the rest of the group. This gives first responders the information they need to respond quickly and effectively to protect your team members. CrisisGo’s Panic button can be a lifesaver, particularly in the case of a lone worker in a remote location without access to basic necessities that many of us take for granted.  


Are there members of your religious community who long to be of service, but are worried about their safety so far away from home in these uncertain times? CrisisGo can provide the extra level of security they crave, allowing them to take the plunge and commit to a mission trip — and allowing you to increase community engagement. With CrisisGo’s mobile safety platform, you can have peace of mind knowing that your mission team will always be connected and protected wherever they are in the world.


And stay safe!    

Davia Sills