How to Make Sure the Wheels on the Church Bus Go Round and Round . . . Safely

March 26, 2018
Religious Organizations

Whether it’s shuttling people to and from services, taking your youth group on a field trip, or helping the elderly, your church bus or van is a valuable tool. It doesn’t just get people from point A to point B — it increases the ways in which your church members can serve others and deepens community engagement. You take good care of your vehicle, getting regular checkups and making sure it falls under your church insurance coverage. But what happens when danger strikes? While you can’t predict an emergency, you can prepare your people for the unexpected with CrisisGo’s mobile safety platform.


Whenever an incident happens on the road, your church members need to be able to do three things: communicate, respond, and reunify. Here’s how CrisisGo can help support your people in each of these critical areas:


1.      Your members need reliable, two-way emergency communication.


Imagine that your church van or bus is involved in a collision, gets delayed by road closures, or winds up stuck in a severe weather event (like a tornado or fire). CrisisGo’s safety app allows for instant alerting when your church members find themselves in an unsafe situation. The custom messaging groups make it easy for your members to stay connected to safety leaders, to the church security team, and to each other for the duration of the crisis. Members can also send multi-media, such as pictures and videos, to give first responders a quick and accurate idea of what kind of risks to expect when they arrive on the scene.


2.      Your members must respond quickly and effectively to protect themselves and others.


When people come face to face with danger, it produces a rush of adrenaline in their bodies and activates their fight-flight-or-freeze reaction. Give your members the tools they need to protect themselves, so that they don’t freeze up when they need to act. With CrisisGo’s safety app, your church members don’t have to waste precious time scouring the Internet for the best way to respond to danger. CrisisGo offers digital plans for crises that your members can access with or without the Internet, so they can cope more confidently with any threat they might face. Emergency checklists are available right on the app to guide your people safely step by step through any emergency situation.


3.      Your members want to be safely reunited with their family and friends.


Whenever people are on your church bus or van, they are placing their lives in your hands. For example, when you’re planning field trips and other youth ministry activities, you’re making a promise to parents that you will protect their children while they are in your care. CrisisGo’s digital rosters can help your safety leaders keep track of everyone at all times, making sure that no one gets lost or left behind in a dangerous situation. You can’t prevent disasters from happening, but you can give your staff the mobile safety tools they need to ensure that all group members are protected during a crisis and accounted for afterwards.  

Davia Sills