It's 10pm, Do You Know Where Your Children Are?

February 27, 2018
Safety Insight

There used to be a televised public service announcement heard around the time the late evening news came on the air.  It amounted to only one phrase -- "It's 10 P.M., do you know where your children are?"  The implicit message was that parents should be responsible and have their children at home by that time, or at least know they were safe and sound where they were.

That phrase came to mind when I began to think about my children when they are out of my sight and my control -- and that is usually when they are at school.  We want our children to be safe at school and we want to believe our teachers and administrators are doing their best to accomplish that.  Unfortunately, this is no longer the world our parents grew up in and we recognize as we get the news each day that there are people out there who want to do harm in the schools.  That harm may come in the form of an armed intruder, a bomb threat or some other means of mayhem.

As a result of these threats, there will be times when students will have to get out of their school building in order to escape danger.  These will probably be chaotic situations in which teachers will need tools to be sure which students are in the classroom when an evacuation begins and that all of them are accounted for when reunification occurs.

If law enforcement is on the scene when evacuation occurs, they will want EVERYONE exiting buildings with empty hands held in the air or on heads.  Teachers will not be able to carry their grade books or roster sheets with them.  So, how can they be sure all their students are there when they reunify?

With the CrisisGo Emergency Response App, teachers will be able to easily and safely account for every student in their classrooms.  With the Class Roster feature of the app, CrisisGo will automatically sync up with schools' Student Information Systems each morning after attendance information is loaded into the SIS.  That information will then be pushed out to the smart phones of all teachers so they know which students are present and absent in their classrooms.

If an evacuation command comes, those phones can go with teachers in their pockets, in their socks, in their underwear -- somewhere other than their hands.  They won't be able to take their grade books, but they can take their Androids and iPhones.

When they get to the point of reunification, all they have to do is open the CrisisGo app, pull up the class roster that was updated that morning and check off each student.  And, because the roster is stored on the phone, this can be done even if there is no current wifi or internet access.

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Jade Isom