The Power of the Report: Making Incident Management easier with CrisisGo

March 27, 2018
Business Industry

People throw the term “Incident Management” around a lot. It’s become an industry staple that we know is important, but the meaning, and especially the application, of proper incident management can be vague. What it boils down to is having the ability to see safety threats, assess those threats, and make improvements to your system to deter those threats in the future.

CrisisGo’s safety platform includes a Tips & Reporting tool that offers three types of reporting functions to simplify and streamline your organization’s incident management. Our tool, available for computers and mobile devices (yes, you can get it right on your smartphone) features daily safety inspection reports, risk management reports, and audit reports, all within an efficient and easy-to-use app.

Our easy-to-customize report templates allow your people to quickly and discreetly report any safety issue they see. All of the information is sent to and stored in an online console that can be accessed from any internet browser. Your safety personnel can review and investigate each report as needed.

CrisisGo’s reporting tool also features multimedia capabilities. You can use image, audio, video, or other files to better document the information in any report. More information means your enterprise can better improve your safety culture.

Daily Safety Inspections Reduce Risk

Many companies have things they need to check every day, even multiple times a day. If you want to ensure your company delivers a level of service akin to Disney customer service, you need a comprehensive tool that will allow your people to quickly and efficiently make safety checks and daily assessments at your place of work.

With CrisisGo’s reporting, you can customize your own templates to best manage the task at hand. Whether it’s housekeeping needing a report to quickly check for each room or security needing to check that every entrance and exit is locked, your people can have mobile access to their daily assessment needs.

Risk Management Reports

When your people see something, you want them to say something. It doesn’t matter whether it is a broken lock on a door or a suspicious customer. When there’s a safety risk or incident, your people need a clear and direct way to let you know.

You want your people to report what they see, and you want them to do it immediately. Instead of waiting to tell you in person or filling out internal paperwork, your employees can simply report any safety issues right from their work computer or mobile device.

Not only can your employees report external safety threats, you can also create report templates to cover your internal vulnerability. Reports can include internal theft, sexual harassment, violence in the workplace, or any other issue you want your people to keep an eye out for. And your employees can feel comfortable reporting safety issues, knowing that only management will have access to the reported information.

Audit Reporting

An audit will never be fun, but with CrisisGo’s safety platform, it can be a lot easier and more efficient. With mobile access to reports, your audits can be performed on a tablet or smartphone. All of the data can be organized and reviewed from our online console, which makes the process more clear-cut with easily accessed information.

You can use the comprehensive archive of information to create strategies for dealing with new or reoccurring compliance issues. CrisisGo not only makes the act of reporting easy, we also make assessment of the information received much more streamlined.

Why You Need a Platform

You may have software that helps with your business’ reporting needs, but that’s just a piece of the puzzle. If you want to improve your ability to see, assess, and prevent safety threats, you need a platform.

What CrisisGo offers that most incident management systems do not, is a safety platform centered around communication. Not only does CrisisGo offer tools for improved task management, our platform enables all of your people to stay connected throughout an emergency with sophisticated crisis communication software that supports multi-media messaging.

You don’t need a separate tools or apps to for incident management reporting or a text messaging system, you just need a unified platform that is dedicated to safety.

Greg Peterson