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California Enacts Law Impacting COVID-19 Related Workers’ Compensation Coverage and Reporting Requirements

By Chris Vuillaume on Nov 2, 2020 10:35:07 AM

On September 17, 2020, Governor Gavin Newsom signed into law two COVID-19 related bills – Senate Bill (SB) 1159 and Assembly Bill (AB) 685. SB 1159 is an urgency bill that is now effective immediately.

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2 min read

Leveraging Technology to Return to Work Safer Amidst COVID-19

By Chris Vuillaume on Oct 2, 2020 2:40:56 PM

Workplaces all across the country are eager to start re-opening and offering services to their customers, and many are unsure how they can achieve this safely and efficiently. Re-opening workplaces in a COVID-19 world is more than just sanitizing areas and maintaining social distancing. Of course, that's critical, but it's just the tip of the iceberg.

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3 min read

Prepare, Respond, and Recover: Hurricane Safety for Businesses

By Greg Peterson on Oct 2, 2020 1:45:51 PM

There’s more to hurricane safety and recovery than simply alerting your stakeholders about the situation. To successfully respond to a hurricane and minimize the damage, cost, and downtime, businesses need a reliable system that will allow them to prepare in advance, coordinate their response, and recover from the incident.

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