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Safety Success Stories

How our clients use CrisisGo.

Stories from the Field

Our clients are utilizing our platform to improve safety in effective and innovative ways. We want to share their safety success stories with you, so you can see how easy it is to use CrisisGo to improve the safety culture in your organization.

"For me, the most beneficial component is the immediacy of information, and in that is the real-time communication as well as our digital documentation."
Scott Hand
Director of Educational Technology
"This is a great safety platform. First of all, you have your safety plans in your hands. Second of all, if you're a district or safety administrator, you can quickly change the plans if you need to. Faculty and staff also feel more secure."
Dusky Hawkins
Safety Coordinator
"We are always looking for a zero response time, and whenever you have immediate notification where it can go out to so many people at once while you're mobile, that's a tremendous asset to have in an event."
Dr. Steve Webb
Superintendent & School Resource Officer
"I started to see all the uses, especially for the prevention side, for CrisisGo, and we have really tried to find every way we can to bolster our prevention through CrisisGo. We have gone so far as to move our student referral system into CrisisGo."
Keven Barker
School Director
"It's everything in one. You don't need an app for one thing but still have to use your binder for something else. It really just modernizes the whole school safety plan."
Jacob Meyer
Deputy Sheriff & School Resource Officer