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CrisisGo believes in fostering a work environment that is as professional and efficient as our software.
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Our Story Begins

We believe the world is better when everyone has access to the information and tools that keep them safer while they explore exciting places, attend events, and live their lives.

No one should be unsafe because the cost is too great or the technology too complex.

CrisisGo builds easy-to-use tools to empower people to take an active role in
keeping themselves and others safe. Tools that shorten the distance between seeing something and doing something about it—because we believe speed is important to safety, prevention, and response.

We started by putting emergency plans on mobile devices so people actually had their emergency plan with them, but we haven’t stopped there. Our two-way, real-time emergency communication is changing how organizations communicate about daily incidents and emergencies. Our alert and panic tools provide sound that breaks through the clutter of all your day-in and day-out messages, and we’re extending the network to include safety experts who can provide content to help people better assess situations and respond more effectively. At CrisisGo, we believe that it is important to focus not only on physical safety but also mental health safety and cyber safety.

We want to help communities reach the tipping point where all people help provide safety for each other. When our communities are safe, people can focus on achieving their dreams.

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Meet the Team!

Chris Vuillaume

General Manager

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Jim Spicuzza

Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer

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Songwei Ma


Image of Songwei MA CTO, President

Bill Reynolds

Co-Founder & Vice President of Sales

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Chris Buecksler

Vice President of Marketing

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Image of McKinley Hawkinson - Sales Operation Manager

"Working at CrisisGo gives me a sense of pride. We are people helping people to be safer. I get to do what I love and know that my efforts are bettering the lives of others. What more could you ask for?”

McKinley Hawkinson - Sales Operations Manager

Partner With Us

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CrisisGo and our Association partners share the common goal of improving safety cultures for organization members. Working together we hope to increase advocacy, share resources, gain strength in numbers, and extend our networks.

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Business Partners

CrisisGo’s business partners are the best of class companies that want to help reduce safety risks for organizations. Our partners represent companies that focus on physical safety, mental safety, and cyber safety.

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Content Partners

CrisisGo’s Content Partners live in the world of creating and sharing safety information to keep people aware and knowledgeable. Our partners come from a wide range of industries, and their expansive safety expertise connects to stakeholders on a personal level.

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CrisisGo utilizes AWS
for maximum reliability

Our platform is mission critical, and it needs to be available at all times for the safety of our clients. CrisisGo runs on Amazon Web Services to always ensure a safe and secure connection.

By utilizing AWS, CrisisGo is able to offer our customers the best service with an incredibly fast hosting platform that protects the security of your organization. AWS' superior scalability and reliable uptime ensures your services will be ready when you need them.