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"In all the years I've been involved in school security. I would have to say without a doubt the CrisisGo app is the best tool we have in our crisis management plan. They have been outstanding to work with and very patient in implementing CrisisGo to our district." Bill Foust, 1st Director of Building and Grounds/District Safety Coordinator, McFarland School District, WI
“We had to use CrisisGo just this week in our school. There was a bank robbery in town, and the police put the school on lock down until they could apprehend the robber. It was so nice to get the alert, but then be able to communicate with staff and administration about what was going on and where all the students who were traveling between classes were. It wasn’t a life threatening situation (They did apprehend the guy.) but it showed how valuable this app is. "Shana Jones-Gerberding, First Grade Teacher, Smithton Community Consolidated School District #130
"We completed our first training. It was really great! The staff had a lot of fun doing it. Jacob did a great job!...In the Healthcare Industry we are required to do every drill on every shift every quarter, so we definitely Drill Baby, Drill!!! It is going to be great to have the app to use along with the reporting in the console. We are very excited!" Lillie Gillen Hinkelman, LCSW-C Chief of Clinical Operations, Arundel Lodge
"The implementation was easy, and the Crisis Go team was very helpful. We're excited to have this new tool in our district, but we're hopeful we never need it!" Knoxville School District Administrator