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Digital Safety & Crisis Response Platform

Bring all your team's safety communication together, empowering everyone with tools and information to help each other at the time of an emergency.


A Unified Safety Solution

Speed is critical for safety, but so is reliability. Our digital safety and incident management platform helps everyone stay safe at work, at home, in the community, and on-the-go. Safety is more than just emergencies, and by focusing on physical, mental, and cyber safety, risks can be reduced.

Our digital safety and incident management platform empowers your community to recognize, prepare, address, and review incidents at all levels. When your community rolls out CrisisGo, you'll be creating a safety network that serves all your stakeholders.

Rapid Response

Equip your stakeholders with the ability to send organization-wide alerts for emergencies or to discreetly call for help for isolated incidents while maintaining a constant line of communication.

Connect with Responders

When severe emergencies occur, you need to be able to escalate the situation to first responders and have the ability to quickly call 911.

Role-Based Safety

Empower every individual to play their specific role in safety with digitized emergency plans in the form of actionable checklists.

Accounting for People

Account for your stakeholders in real-time and maintain the ability to check the safety status of your stakeholders to assess who needs assistance.

Safety Reporting

Prevent risks from becoming emergencies with a digital system for quickly and effectively reporting safety issues directly to your safety staff to address the situation.

Situational Awareness

Proactively inform your stakeholders of the safety risks and solutions your organization may face, and make sure your organization can effectively practice and review your safety protocols.



Safety Through Communication

Everything you need from the start of an emergency to its resolution.

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Safety That is Fast and Reliable

Speed is critical for safety, but so is reliability. Our trusted safety platform helps people stay safe at work, home, in the community, and on-the-go. Last year alone, our customers sent out more than 486, 000 alerts and over 48 million critical messages showing safety is more than just emergencies, and by focusing on physical, mental, and cyber safety, risks can be reduced. Learn more about how we're helping school districts and organizations across the country to prevent, prepare, respond, and recover from over 400 different types of safety threats.

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Safety That's Mobile

Emergencies aren't confined to offices; today's workforce is mobile. With the CrisisGo platform, safety staff, first responders, and personnel can use the CrisisGo app to respond quicker by setting off an alert or panic button, access critical emergency plans with or without internet connectivity, exchange specific communication from the organization's safety personnel or first responders, and submit a quick incident report or tip to the administration or management team.

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Simplified Safety Management

With CrisisGo, you can monitor all of the safety activities for your organization through our online console. Our dashboard makes it easy to observe, track, and coordinate safety efforts, and you can easily compile all relevant communications and actions taken during specific incidents for post-incident review.

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Integrated Safety Systems

Our platform plays well with others. CrisisGo integrates our best-of-class technology with your legacy systems, preserving existing investments and, most importantly, ensuring seamless crisis response. We have significant experience integrating with Enterprise Networks, LDAP, and Student Information Systems.

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"It's everything in one. You don't need an app for one thing but still have to use your binder for something else. It really just modernizes the whole school safety plan."
Jacob Meyer
Deputy Sheriff and School Resource Officer
"My favorite aspect is the immediate notification. Being able to get that word out quickly with a siren going off and being able to communicate back and forth is the big key."
Matt McCreary
Risk Manager
"Communication has been a struggle in the past. We have used radios. We tried intercoms and different apps and things. The nice thing with CrisisGo is that everything is in one place: the communication, the crisis plan, and the student roster, and that's been a big difference for us."
Sara Dail
Assistant Superintendent
"We are always looking for a zero response time, and whenever you have immediate notification where it can go out to so many people at once while you're mobile, that's a tremendous asset to have in an event."
Dr. Steve Webb
Superintendent & School Resource Officer
"Communication has been streamlined, and I love that first responders want to be a part of it."
Barry Baker
Director of Safety and Security

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