CrisisGo FAQs


1. Question: Our Wireless Network will be extremely busy during an emergency. Will CrisisGo work?
Answer: CrisisGo emergency information is loaded on the hard drive of your device. To bypass the Network login simply open the CrisisGo application and press the ‘RED’ Emergency button located underneath the Login and Password fields.

2. Question: How do you secure our information on the phones and tablets?
Answer: (1) The CrisisGo application requires a login to access the information. (2) The information pushed to each client is according to the authorization of the clients, only authorized accounts can get the information they need.

3. Question: Are school districts putting the app on teacher’s phones?
Answer: School districts are navigating the legal requirements of putting the app on the teacher’s device. If they are unable to have the app on the teacher’s smartphone, many are putting the app on the district owned pad or desktop.

4. Question: Our Organization has limited phone service in some of our buildings. Will CrisisGo work in our Organization?
Answer: Yes – if the staff can access the school wireless network, they can connect through the local wireless network. If not, the staff can access emergency checklists stored on your device by clicking on the ‘emergency’ button on the login screen offline. Once you are able to connect via wifi or 3/4G, you can login and submit your responses or checklists by going to the checklist and clicking ‘Submit’ in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

Question: Who decides what is on each crisis checklist?
Your Emergency Response Team*

Question: What devices and operating systems can I use the app on?
Android phones (HTC, Samsung, MOTO, HG and other intelligent phones)
For video account, dual core CPU above 1.2GHz, front-facing/rear facing camera is required
IOS clients: iPhone 4/4s/5/5s/5c/6/6+/6s/6s+, iPad 2/3/4
PC desktop with windows operation system
Operating Systems:
Android clients: Android 2.3 above
IOS clients: IOS 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.2
PC: Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows 8, Windows 10

Version 4.0

1. Question: What is the difference between a Group and a Circle?
A group is used to communicate within an organization. A group can be used to send and receive Messages, Alerts, as well as Tips and can be utilized by an organization or Group within an organization (such as a school band class or football team). A Circle is a way to get families outside of the organization connected with messaging and panic notifications. In a school environment, this would be parents and students.

2. Question: How do I sign up to receive messages from a Group or Circle?
To become a member of a Group or Circle, tap the plus sign (+) on the top-right part of the Message page and then tap on Subscribe. From here, you can type in the Group or Circle number (the group manager will have access to this) or scan the QR code from a phone logged into an account of a Group or Circle member. Some groups may require approval from a group manager before you can be accepted into the group.

3. Question: What is a Panic?
Answer: A Panic is an alert that a user can send within a Circle to notify their fellow circle members that they are in danger and need assistance. Sending a Panic will notify everybody in the Circle of the user’s GPS coordinates. When CrisisGo is used by a school district, this will help keep students safe, even when they’re off of school grounds.

4. Question: What if someone accidentally sends a Panic?
When sending a panic, a timer will count down from 5. The sender will have the option to either send the Panic immediately or cancel it. If no action is taken when the timer reaches 0, the panic will be sent.

5. Question: What is a Tip and how do we use them?
A Tip allows anyone to send an anonymous tip to organization leaders or administrators about bullying, drug/alcohol use, weapons, or any other threat while having the option of remaining anonymous.

6. Question: How do I create a Notice Group that can receive Tips?
When creating the Notice Group, turn on the Tips option. Tap Tip Type and then the plus sign (+) in the top-right. Create a Tip Name. Then add a reporting template by tapping the plus sign next to Add Report File. After choosing a file, tap the back arrow (<).

7. Question: How do you save the Group Name or Circle Name when creating a new Group?
Type the name of the Circle or Notice Group in the text box. Tap the back arrow (<) in the top-left corner to save the name.

8. Question: How do I create a group in which Managers can send out messages but not receive replies?
When creating a Notice Group, turn on One-Way Message. This will allow for Group Managers to send a message to everyone within the group without receiving replies from Group Members.

9. Question: How do I set up Alerts when creating a Notice Group in the Message section of the app?
When creating a Notice Group, turn on the Alert function. Tap Alert Type. Name the Alert and choose an alert sound from the dropdown menu. Tap the plus sign (+) on the right to add this Alert to save.

10. Question: How do I invite others to join my group?
In order to add new members to your Circle or Group, provide them with your Group ID (can be found by tapping the menu icon on the top-right). They can then subscribe to the Group. If they do not currently have a CrisisGo account, you can invite them by tapping Invitation and then sending them an SMS message with an invitation to download the CrisisGo app.

11. Question: How do I create a Notice Group or Circle where new members must be accepted to the group by a Group Manager?
When creating the Notice Group or Circle, turn on Member Audit. With this option on, a message will appear in a Group Manager’s Notification Center when someone submits a request to join the Group or Circle.

12. Question: How long do messages stay in a group?
Messages will remain in the Message Center for 7 days, but will be pushed to the user upon login. This number can also be adjusted by an Administrator within the Portal.

13. Question: How many people can be added to a Group:

14. Question: Can I purchase larger groups?
Yes. Please contact your Sales person or call us at (314) 669-9022.

15. Question: How do I send a message to select members of a Group or Circle?
Within the Chat window, tap the people icon to the left of the textbox. Tap the names of the people that you would like to send a message to. Tap the back arrow (<).

16. Question: How can I assure that I receive messages from CrisisGo when I am not in the app?
Open the CrisisGo app and tap Me. Tap Settings and make sure that there is a check mark beside Receive Offline Message.

17. Question: How do I submit feedback on the app?
Tap the CrisisGo menu on the main screen. The option to send feedback can be found here.