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If you want to provide a safe learning environment, you must do more than hope for the best. CrisisGo gives you the tools to empower everyone to be part of the safety solution.


Assessment & Prevention

Our comprehensive communications platform makes it easy to report issues, notify stakeholders, and share information. With CrisisGo, you can assess risks and even prevent safety threats by sharing safety communication every day.

Specialized Student App

We’ve created a specialized companion app specifically for students called Safe2SpeakUp. Students can anonymously report bullying, submit safety tips, and learn more about safety on Safe2SpeakUp.

Safety Messaging

Communicating with all your stakeholders can be complex. CrisisGo offers distinct message groups with separate channels for your internal safety communication and your communications with parents and students.

All Devices

When an emergency happens, you need instant access to your safety resources, which is why CrisisGo is available on smartphones, tablets, laptops, PCs, and MACs. Having CrisisGo on every device means you are always covered.

Rapid Response

CrisisGo’s audible notification capabilities and communication groups allow your stakeholders to immediately raise the alarm and let the organization know there is an issue, and your safety team can respond quickly and efficiently based on the information provided.


Our dashboard lets you manage your school’s safety from a central location. All of your safety messages, notifications, and actions are recorded in the dashboard for observation and review.

Communicate Throughout a crisis

Simply being told there is an emergency is not enough. Your stakeholders need to be able to communicate throughout any situation.

CrisisGo gives you the tools needed to be instantly notified of a crisis and maintain communication during and after the situation. All of our safety features are connected through communication because being able to share information back and forth is critical for safety.

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Emergency Communication

With emergency alerting capabilities and two-way message groups, your stakeholders will know about emergencies immediately, and they will be able to receive instructions and send critical safety information throughout a crisis.

Safety Awareness

Being aware makes you more prepared to address a crisis. Our Safety Awareness system allows you to send safety content cards to your stakeholders to educate staff, students, and even parents on safety risks and solutions.

Digital Emergency Response Plans

Everyone in your school will know how to navigate an emergency with checklists that provide actionable instruction for responding to different crisis types based on your emergency plan. You can monitor your staff’s progress as they complete each step.

Roster Reunification

Never lose track of your students during a crisis. Our roster tool allows you to check-in your students during a crisis and access their emergency contact information. CrisisGo also simplifies Reunification through a comprehensive check-in system that uses your roster information.

Bully, Tips, & Incident Reporting

How much unreported bullying goes on at your school? Our Bully and Tips reporting tool makes it easy for your staff and students to report any bully-related activity. Our intuitive reporting tools allows information like pictures, video, or gps location.

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