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Work places are far from immune to dangerous situations and inappropriate personal interaction.  You need to be ahead of the game.


Emergency Notification

When there’s an emergency, you need a quick and reliable way to let everyone know about the threat. Our audible mass-notification alerting ensures that everyone will know when danger strikes, and everyone can remain in communication throughout the process.

Incident Management

From harassment reports to disasters, you give employees a voice to speak up. CrisisGo provides the tools to make sure incidents get resolved by the right people in the right amount of time. All communications and app activity  are recorded in a central location for better post-incident review.

Safety Communication

Communication is the key to safety, and CrisisGo allows you to make sure that everyone is on the same page with two-way messaging groups that support multi-media messaging for clearer communication.

Rapid Response

Whether you need to notify your entire organization of a full-scale emergency or an employee needs a quick button to call for help during an isolated crisis, we have the tools to connect people in danger with the support they need.


Monitor your business' disaster response, emergency notifications, reports, and messages through the CrisisGo dashboard, which provides a central location for your safety management.


You never have to worry about your information falling into the wrong hands. CrisisGo uses secure servers, backups, and rigorous fail-safes to ensure your data is protected.

All-in-one solution

Safety takes many different shapes, and CrisisGo has created a platform that can assist every facet of safety your organization faces.

Whether it is preventing risk through safety awareness and audit reports, responding to an incident through sophisticated notifications and communication, or improving your procedures through comprehensive post-incident review, CrisisGo has you covered on all bases.

App in Action

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Two-Way Communication

Your business will have access to two-way communication groups, which allow you to keep an open line of communication during any crisis. During any situation, your people will have the ability to share vital information with those in need.


When a crisis happens, you will want to make sure your entire organization is notified immediately. Our Alert tool lets you notify everyone of a specific emergency with an audible tone that connects to your message group for further communication.


The panic tool lets you call for help when you need it most. Panic lets your employees call for assistance during an isolated incident with just the press of a button. Any employee or customer can feel safe knowing that assistance is a tap away.

Digital Emergency Plans

If an emergency happens, your people need to know what to do and where to go. Having mobile access to your emergency plans means your employees can properly respond to any safety threat that may occur.

Safety Awareness

To prevent safety risks, you need to know what the threats are and how to avoid them. Our Safety Awareness platform allows your organization to send engaging safety cards that present safety solutions to a variety of physical, mental, and cyber safety issues.


Our tips tool allows every employee to report maintenance or safety issues right from their mobile device. The details of any incident can be quickly and easily documented through an intuitive report that is shared with the organization’s administration. The reports are stored for easy review.

How businesses can be Safety smart

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