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Building Monitoring

To protect your place of worship, you want to make sure that your entrances, exits, and vulnerable areas are monitored. When a safety ministry member notices something unusual, the CrisisGo platform allows the entire safety ministry to be notified to assist.

Emergency Communication

In the event of a crisis, your safety ministry may have an instant communication channel to share guidance and intelligence between their team or even with the congregation. Instead of relying solely on a few people having walkie-talkies, you can have everyone connected through communication.

Connect With Responders

When an emergency occurs, you want to make sure that first responders can quickly and effectively resolve the situation. CrisisGo's platform allows you to connect with your community's emergency responder for improved communication. CrisisGo allows you to share maps, documents, photos, and video directly with responders.

Safety Roles

Everyone has a role to play in safety, and having mobile access to emergency plans means that everyone on your safety ministry team will know what steps they personally need to take when an emergency occurs to protect themselves and the entire congregation.

Rapid Response

Speed is critical for safety, but you also need more than a simple warning. Our notification and communication tools make it easy for your safety team to learn about threats, respond to incidents quickly, and remain in communication throughout the process.

Alert Notification

Alerts can be set off with an audible tone or silently and may be shared with just the safety team ministry team or with the entire congregation if so desired.

Prevent threats through improved awareness

You may use digital safety cards and schedule them to go out to your different stakeholder groups to educate them to better recognize and assess situations as well as every day uses including daily devotions. 

These digital safety cards may be shared with your regional coalition groups, so they can be shared to benefit a wider audience and to build a comprehensive library of “best practices” for all local congregations to access.

App in Action

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If there is a major emergency, alerts can be set off with audible tone or silently, and they may be shared with just the safety ministry team or with the entire congregation, if so desired. Your group is automatically connected in a message group after an alert is activated to allow for instant communication.

Emergency Response Plans

Your congregants need to know what to do and where to go if an emergency happens. Having mobile access to your emergency plans means your congregants can properly respond to safety threats through checklists that offer clear steps to navigating any emergency situation.

Emergency Communication

Maintain a clear line of communication between your safety ministry team or with your congregation through our two-way message groups. You can keep your members informed of any risks or announcements, and your members can share any relevant information they may have as well. Build as many groups as you would like.


When someone in your congregation needs help, they can just press a button to call for assistance. Whether it’s a congregant falling, a church secretary needing assistance, or a Sunday school teacher needing assistance with a child having a medical episode, the panic button lets your members contact your safety ministry for assistance during an isolated incident.

Safety Awareness

If you want to prevent incidents, you need to know what the threats are and how to avoid them. Our Safety Awareness platform allows your organization to send engaging safety cards that present safety solutions to a variety of physical, mental, and cyber safety issues.


Whenever there is an issue, you want to know about it without interrupting your services. You can keep everything running smoothly with our Tip reports, which allow your members to report any safety or maintenance issues they encounter.

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