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Make Every Classroom a Safe Classroom

The AASA sponsored school alerting and emergency communication platform.

Improve Safety at the Classroom Level

Safe Classroom makes teachers and students safer by giving every classroom a powerful emergency alerting system that allows your staff to communicate throughout an emergency and automatically escalate severe emergencies to law enforcement.

Alert Everyone

Make sure everyone is aware of an emergency with organization-wide audible alerts that can be escalated to first responders.

Two-Way Messaging

Stay connected in real-time by sending and receiving information through multi-media safety messaging groups before, during, and after an incident.

Easy Installation

Remotely install on all computers across your school district so your teachers won't have to worry about any setup or repeatedly logging in.

Always On

Safe Classroom is available on computers, tablets, and smartphones, and—just like your anti-virus software—it's always on and ready to help.

Safety Awareness

Keep the members of your organization informed by sending topic-specific safety content cards to their mobile devices/computer.

Escalation to First Responders

Instead of waiting on dispatch to receive the information and relay it, officers can immediately learn about the emergency and head to the scene.



Keep Students Safer

Learn more about Safe Classroom by watching this short video and downloading our flyer.

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"This is a wonderful app, I was so very impressed and (so was everyone around me) at the details and thought processes in development of this resource- such as sound then vibration of alerts to not give away your location."
Becca Sides
Jackson R2 School District
"There is no downside to the AASA Safe Classroom offer to every district leader in the country. This type of action and commitment to children must be an integral component to safety for all schools across America."
Joe Erardi
"With the CrisisGo notifications feature we also have the ability to communicate within with designated groups and with the entire school district during an emergency incident."
Steve Webb
Goreville CUSD
"No one wants to see an act of violence on school grounds or anywhere in their communities. We are pleased that CrisisGo, one of our School Solutions partners, is working to provide innovative ways to effectively prepare and respond to an emergency."
Daniel A. Domenech

Have A Question About Safe Classroom?

  • What does Safe Classroom come with?

    With Safe Classroom you can alert your classrooms at the district or school level with two different alerts types, a hard lockdown alert and a general alert and send two-way messages to ensure everyone stays connected through safety messaging groups.

  • What devices do we use for the Safe Classroom program?
    Safe Classroom is for every computer in the school district, but can also be used on mobile devices like tablets and smartphones.
  • Who should use Safe Classroom?
    Every school across America should have Safe Classroom. There is no "good enough" for safety. Every school could benefit from having an emergency alerting and communication on every classroom computer.
  • How do I get additional CrisisGo features?
    Please request a price quote if desired, but there is no pressure to upgrade.

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