Improving your church’s safety culture helps preserve the sanctity of worship. When it comes to safety, there is no better time than now

Safety can't wait

With over 1,700 violent incidents taking place in churches since 1999 and the number of attacks increasing each year, safety cannot wait. Not only do congregations need to have the safety tools required to establish a safe place of worship, religious organizations need to come together in a network dedicated to safety.

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All Devices

Safe Worship may be installed on all of your
personal computers, smartphones, Chromebooks, tablets, and iPads.  It is a personal safety assistant with you at all times.

Alert Notification

Alerts can be set off with an audible tone or silently, and they may be shared with just the safety ministry team or with the entire congregation, if so desired.

Safety Ministry 

The Safety Ministry for your church can have instant, discreet communication without disturbing or causing alarm to your congregants.

Safety Communication

In the event of a crisis, your safety ministry will have an instant communication channel to share guidance and intelligence between their team or even with the congregation, if desired. Instead of relying solely on a few people having walkie-talkies, you can have everyone connected through communication.

Safety Awareness

You may use digital safety cards and schedule them to go out to your different stakeholder groups to educate them to better recognize and assess situations as well as every day uses including daily devotions.

Safety Reports

Local churches and regional safety coalitions may also fill out a multitude of various reports to share threat intelligence and potential safety risks with their local organizations. They may even include Images, video, and files along with their reports.

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The Safe Worship application allows congregants to be safer by providing the organization’s safety ministry assistance to communicate before, during, and after an emergency. If desired, the application may be shared with every congregant. You can implement the application quickly and easily, providing a safer worship environment within a week.

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How long will this offer last?
Safe Worship offer is free for those that sign up. If an organization chooses to add other services there may be a charge, based on the service

Why would you do this for free, what’s the catch?
It is important that safety is part of every community culture. CrisisGo provides a few safety tools to every organization type in order to show the value in safety risk management.

Can just our safety team communicate with it and alert their team but not congregants?

Can the alert be silent so not to alarm the congregants?

Can we set up our youth group, elders, etc as other groups to communicate?
Yes, when you have completed the advanced training

Can local first responders receive the alert and communications?
Yes, Local Emergency responders can be included

Can we have some of our reports built out in the reporting system?
In Safe Worship you can export the detailed information to an excel spreadsheet or review online

Who receives each report?
When an incident report is submitted, it will be routed to the designated safety ministry members

Can we add our emergency plan and operating procedures?
No, not in Safe Worship. Emergency plans are available as an upgrade feature

Can we add the ability for our safety ministry team, office staff, or congregants to "panic" when needing personal assistance?
No, not in Safe Worship. Panic is available as an upgrade feature

How much would it cost to get the full suite?
Please contact for more information or visit our website at

Can our church safety ministry be connected to other local churches safety ministry teams?
Our groups are pre-set for easy implementation. When you complete the initial phase, you will be able to add your own groups and manage those.

Will you train our safety ministry team on the app?
Safe worship training is video based training and is built-in to the app. For additional training, please check out our online training webinar series

Can we use the app to check in and communicate w parents who have dropped kids for nursery or Sunday school?
No, not in Safe Worship. Check in is available as an upgrade feature

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Why our customers love us

Here’s what our advocates are saying about Safe Worship

Rev. Carmala Aderman
Luther Memorial Lutheran Church

"The ease of use, having the app made specifically for this congregation, and the added security it gives us is an invaluable asset to our ministry."

Bob Chauncey, CPP, CISM, CIT
Church Security Institute, Consulting

"We like CrisisGo for it's ability to store information, so that it is readily for the client to access by any one of today's smartphones, tablets, laptops or desktops. It can even allow the ability to pull up a roster of employees, members, staff or others. Not only can it give access but it can allow the Managers or leaders to pass on or share info. Your layout for buildings, Safety Manual, other info can now be available in the field or at home, should you need it, while away."

Carl Chinn, President
Faith Based Security Network

"CrisisGo is more than the leading provider, they are the thought leaders of critical emergency communication."

Barry Young, Vice President
Church Security Ministries
Strategos International

"I have had the pleasure of training churches all over America in church security and active shooter protocols.  I have never seen any application or tool like CrisisGo.  What an amazing product that can be used to save lives!  This is something every church and school in America needs.  I have never seen anything like this."

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