Safe2SpeakUP is the only comprehensive student safety app for students of all ages. Safe2SpeakUP was designed to meet the privacy requirements of students, while providing a system to improve the safety culture and emergency response.

Students want to make ther school safer!

Safe2SpeakUp is a companion app to CrisisGo. This means that school staff using CrisisGo can communicate and coordinate student safety by communicating between the two apps. In order to meet student privacy and COPPA requirements, the combination of the two sister apps provides a best of class solution to student safety.

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Students have their own app to ensure that they are comfortable and confident when reporting bully-related activities or safety issues. Students can anonymously report safety tips and receive important safety information.

Two-Way Messaging

With two-way messaging, your staff can send and receive multi-media messages for clearer safety communication. You can also remind your students of the importance of reporting bullying and safety threats.

Safety Awareness

You can allow parents to use the reporting tool to gain more information about safety risks involving their children. Including parents also helps keep them informed about how to talk to their child about bullying.

Bully and Tip Reporting

When someone sees something, you want them to say something, whether they’re a staff member or a student. CrisisGo and the companion Safe2SpeakUp app allow you to report safety issues right when you notice them.

Check In

We want everyone to have access to bully reporting, so we created a backup web form for easy reporting. Your school can share this on their website and social media pages to make sure everyone always has access to safety reporting.


Monitor, respond to, and review all your emergency alerts and safety communication from an intuitive and easy-to-use online dashboard.

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Here's how it works:

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Safe2SpeakUP allows students to anonymously report bully-related activity involving themselves or their friends. Students can additionally submit safety tips to their school’s safety team for issues like drugs or weapons on campus. Safe2SpeakUP users can message with the school officials that oversee bully-related incidents, as well as message groups that their school district has granted them permission to access.

*Safe2SpeakUp is for those 18 and under

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Have Questions?

How long will bully reporting be free?
The Bully Reporting program is free for a lifetime after you signup.

Is it really anonymous for students? If a life is at stake or law enforcement needs the info, can the identity of the student be retrieved?
The program is designed to provide students an anonymous method to report bullying. Law enforcement can access data identifying the person submitting the report when they have provided the appropriate documentation.

Do I need the app to report a bully?
No you do not. You can submit a bully report via web form provided by the school district.

What is Safe2SpeakUP?
Safe2SpeakUp is the student application of CrisisGo. Anyone under the age of 18 should download CrisisGo. There are restrictions within the app to provide safety for the students

Can we have a link from our website to report from?
Yes! Your account manager will assist you in getting a link for your website.

What is a safety card?
A safety card provides information to users, so they can be more prepared to assess or respond to serious situations. Safety cards are used in in the system to make sure that Bully prevention is continuously top of mind.

Who receives these reports?
Reports can be set up to be sent to those on your admin team that need to be aware of the situation and those that are able to respond quickly if needed.

What happens on weekends or summers?
During the summer, summer school staff can access the bully reports, but the report receivers will need to be adjusted for the summer school staff

Can we put on school issued Chromebooks?
Safe2SpeakUP is available for Chromebook.

Can we export reports individual reports and data for state reporting?
Yes, you can export an individual pdf of an event or export a excel file of multiple events for trend analysis

Can screenshots be included with the report for cyber bullying reports?
Images can be downloaded but are not part of the exported document. They will need to be attached.
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What our customers say about Safe2SpeakUP

Rockbridge County School District Icon
Dr. Angela Wilder
Rockbridge County School District

"The ease of use and the immediate notification to administrators when a report is submitted has proven to be invaluable."

Walter O'Neil
Long Branch Public Schools

"Why do we have to have it? Why should we download it? And I tell them, it's just another tool or toolbox for school safety."

Orlando Noyola
Pharr-San Juan-Alamo ISD

"Students and parents feel that they have a direct line to the Principal at their school.  With the issues going around in the nation, our parents felt safer and were very happy to hear that their school could report any type of incident."

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