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Safety for Students

CrisisGo and Sourcewell have partnered to offer our Safety for Students program, which is complimentary and offered to all school districts across the nation.

Safety for Students allows students, faculty, and parents to anonymously report their safety concerns, and Schools will receive an emergency alerting and communication system to instantly alert and communicate with stakeholders and first responders.

Through the Safety for Students program, you can make your schools safer and empower your students to be part of the safety solution.

School Safety is Student Safety

To really make a positive change in school safety culture, it is important to include all of your stakeholder groups. These groups include faculty and staff, students, and parents. The Safety for Students program empowers students, staff, and administrators with technology and information to create a connected network that will build a safer school environment.

Safe2Speakup: The Student Safety App

Safe2SpeakUP allows students to anonymously report bully-related activity involving themselves or their friends. Students can additionally submit safety tips to their school’s safety team for issues like drugs or weapons on campus. Safe2SpeakUP users can also have access to a panic button during an emergency or respond to CrisisGo’s Check In tool prompts to verify their safety status. Safe2SpeakUP gives students the technology and information they need to be a part of the safety solution.

*Safe2SpeakUp is for those 17 and under

Emergency Alerting and Rapid Response

When a crisis happens, you will want to make sure your entire school is notified immediately. Our Alert tool lets you notify everyone of a specific emergency with an audible tone that connects to your message group for further communication. Specific Alerts can be set up to automatically escalate to first responders to reduce response time and connect responders to your message groups.

Safety Awareness and Incident Reporting

To prevent safety risks, you need to know what the threats are and how to avoid them. Our Safety Awareness platform allows your organization to send engaging safety cards that present safety solutions to a variety of physical, mental, and cyber safety issues. When a student or staff member notices something isn’t right, they can easily report the details of any safety risk or incident.

Emergency Alerting and Rapid Response

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We’ve created a specialized companion app specifically for students called Safe2SpeakUP. Students can anonymously report bullying, submit safety tips, and learn more about safety.

Bully Reports

Report every bully incident with a thorough and discreet reporting tool on your mobile device. Students can use this tool or an online web form to anonymously report bullying.

Safety Tip Reports

The details of an incident or a safety risk can be quickly and easily documented through an intuitive report that is shared with the school safety team.

Alert Everyone

This audible, organization-wide mass communication tool will inform your entire organization about large-scale emergencies and keep everyone in communication with each other. A Fast Alert button is also available for easier access during an emergency.

Auto Escalation

Set specific Alerts, Panics, and Reports to automatically escalate to safety admins and law enforcement to ensure that everyone needed can be part of the solution. Automated escalation includes all key stakeholders and boosts rapid response.

Panic Button

During an emergency, students can activate the Panic button to send the safety team a GPS pin to show their location. If students need to run for safety, the Panic button can help account for their whereabouts.

Check In

Assess the status of your staff through a quick, answerable prompt to identify who is at risk and offer support. All Check In responses are aggregated and stored for easy review from a mobile device or computer.

Safety Awareness

Keep the members of your organization informed by sending content-specific safety content cards to their mobile device/computer. You can share a variety of expert content that covers physical, cyber, and social/emotional safety.

2-Way Messaging

Stay connected in real-time by sending and receiving information through safety messaging groups before, during, and after an incident. Our two-way, multimedia messaging allows your people to send images, audio, videos, and other files to communicate more clearly.

App Training

Learn the app through the app with training exercises that are housed within the application for quick and easy learning. CrisisGo also offers training webinars as well as other training resources.

Drill Management

Schedule and monitor all your different safety drills from a central location that is supported by automated reminders and documentation. CrisisGo makes it easy to schedule, execute, review, and report the safety drills for your schools.

All Devices

The CrisisGo app for adult users is available on Android and iOS mobile devices, as well as PCs, Macs, Chromebooks. The Safe2SpeakUP student app is available on Android, iOS, and Chromebook.

Why our customers love us

Here’s what our advocates are saying about CrisisGo

Goreville School District Icon
Steve Webb
Goreville CUSD

"With the CrisisGo notifications feature we also have the ability to communicate within with designated groups and with the entire school district during an emergency incident."

Joe Erardi
AASA Executive Board Member

"There is no downside to the AASA Safe Classroom  offer to every district leader in the country.  This type of action and commitment to children must be an integral component to safety for all schools across America."

Becca Sides
Jackson R2 School District

"This is a wonderful app, I was so very impressed and (so was everyone around me) at the details and thought processes in development of this resource- such as sound then vibration of alerts to not give away your location."

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