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Want to see how CrisisGo’s communication features work when a group uses them? Sign up for a three-month group pilot account and learn how effective communication can be when you have alerts, two-way text notifications, and live-streaming video capabilities. We will also give you several scenarios to work through using the CrisisGo mobile application.


When you complete the Try It Now form, you will receive an email asking when your group can attend an online demonstration of CrisisGo. Once you have attended the demonstration and learned how CrisisGo works, you will receive an email explaining what you will need to provide to our Implementation team, such as maps, emergency contact information, user list, etc. Depending upon the size of your district, CrisisGo will work with one to five of your schools (i.e., for a 50 school district, the pilot program will accommodate up to five of your schools within the district). When the CrisisGo app is installed and your plan is uploaded , your group can begin exploring all of the above features plus the following communication capabilities. If you want to expedite the pilot program, just send us one or two of your emergency types and we can give you a quick turn around to get you started using the program. Want to use the pilot program with our best practice library? We can help arrange that as well.

With the free, three-month pilot trial, you can:

  • Send audible alerts to other team members to experience the speed and hear how effective the alert sounds are when activated.

  • Use the Notification feature to send two-way text messages to other group members. This feature works well when you don’t want to notify everyone in your organization, but rather one individual or a select group.

  • Using the video accounts, if you want to show other individuals what you are seeing, simply click Broadcast. This lets you share instantaneously what you are seeing during real time and has play-back features. This broadcast can be shared with an individual or an entire group.

  • Have a point-to-point video call with another team member. This feature is great for illustrating a situation while allowing verbal direction as well.