Make Schools Safer with the Free Teacher Panic Button Program 


Give Teachers and Staff the Emergency Communication Tool They Need

The Free Teacher Panic Button program provides all K-12 schools in the United States free access for three years to CrisisGo Panic Tool including:

  • Panic Button. With a single click of a button from their smartphone, any teacher or staff can report a situation and ask for help. The alarm is immediately routed to the managers, peers or responders who can assist with the resolution.
  • Two-way messaging. As soon as an incident is reported, messages can be exchanged. Location and time are automatically added to provide an holistic view of where all team members are.
  • Parent notification. Parents can receive safety information from district and school communication teams. They can be included in the district safety network and advised on how to keep their child safe at home and on the way to school.
All features are part of CrisisGo mobile app that can be downloaded from Apple App Store (IOS) or Google Play (Android).

Emergency Communication Provides a Path to Safety

Communication is essential in case of any situation. This is how information is shared, how instructions can be provided, and how you keep small incidents from escalating. The Free Teacher Panic Button enables Emergency Communication between all members of the safety team and complete recording of all messages.

  • Instant. Anyone can communicate instantaneously a serious situation to the safety team. An alarm sounds ensure the safety team can then respond immediately.
  • Rich. Audio messages, video, and photos, can be shared. All messages are time-stamped and geo-tagged to give everyone a comprehensive view of the situation.
  • Group. All staff members are members of the safety network for better information and coordination.

Safety is an Everyday Job

The Free Panic button is not just for active shooter emergencies or bus accidents. It is a tool you provide your teachers and staff to cope with everyday incidents and enable fast response: 
  1. Fights
  2. Medical emergency
  3. Missing child
  4. Suspicious activity
  5. Building intruder
  6. Irate parent


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