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The Comprehensive Safety Platform

CrisisGo brings all your team's safety communication together, empowering everyone with tools and information to help each other at the time of an emergency.

Safety That is Fast and Reliable

Speed is critical for safety, but so is reliability. Our trusted safety platform helps people stay safe at work, at home, in the community, and on-the-go. Safety is more than just emergencies, and by focusing on physical, mental, and cyber safety, risk can be reduced.

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How it All Comes Together

CrisisGo is a complete safety solution because our platform empowers your ability to recognize, prepare for, address, and review incidents of all levels. When your organization rolls out CrisisGo, you create a safety network serving all your stakeholders.


Emergencies aren’t confined to offices; today’s workforce is mobile. With the CrisisGo platform, safety staff, first responders, and personnel can use the crisis app to:

  • Rapidly respond by setting off an alert or panic button
  • Access critical emergency plans with or without internet connectivity
  • Exchange specific communication from the organization’s safety personnel or first responders
  • Submit a quick incident report or tip to the administration or management team

Direct Communication

Don’t scour through every email, Facebook post, or tweet to find emergency information. We put safety awareness at your fingertips. With CrisisGo, administrators and employees in any organization receive important safety messages directly on their mobile device/computer through a channel dedicated to safety.


With CrisisGo, you can monitor all of the safety activity of your organization through our online console. Our dashboard makes it easy to observe, track, and coordinate safety efforts, and you can easily compile all relevant communications and actions taken during specific incidents for post-incident review.


Our platform plays well with others. CrisisGo integrates our best-of-class technology with your legacy systems, preserving existing investment and, most importantly, ensuring seamless crisis response. We have significant experience integrating with Enterprise Networks, LDAP, and Student Information Systems.

safety awareness

CrisisGo’s message groups allow you to connect to other groups in your community or create your own groups for your family, clubs, or teams. Our content library allows you to send out engaging safety content cards in your messages groups, and CrisisGo publishes safety cards in our Safety Center and Safety Network channels, which are available for all app users.



This audible, organization-wide mass communication tool will inform your entire organization about large-scale emergencies and keep everyone in communication with each other.

Fast Alert

Fast Alert makes it quicker and easier for you to send an Alert during an emergency. The Fast Alert button is located on every screen of the app to ensure it is always in reach.


During an isolated incident, you can send a direct request for help to your safety team without alerting the entire organization. When you need help, you just need to press a button.

Auto Escalation

Set specific Alerts, Panics, and Reports to automatically escalate to safety admins and law enforcement to ensure that everyone needed can be part of the solution.

Check In

Assess the status of your staff through a quick, answerable prompt to identify who is at risk and offer support. The responses are compiled for easy review.


Provide emergency checklists with role-based, actionable instructions to guide individuals through the proper response steps.

Two-Way Communication

Never lose communication during a crisis with Two-Way multimedia messaging groups that allow vital information to reach people in need.


Report every bully incident with a thorough and discreet reporting tool on your mobile device. Students can use this tool to anonymously report bullying.

Tip & Incident Reports

The details of any incident can be quickly and easily documented through an intuitive report that is shared with the organization’s administration.

Roster & Reunification

Your class list will always be with you through our Roster tool, which allows you to take student attendance in an emergency, access student emergency contact information, and complete parent reunification from your mobile device.


CrisisGo’s Roster Event tool allows your school to better account for students during an emergency through more detailed status options, greater access to student lists, and enhanced statistics for admin review.

Maps & Documents

Any building maps or evacuation maps, as well as useful safety how-to PDFs, are available at your fingertips.

Drill Management

Schedule and monitor all your different safety drills from a central location that is supported by automated reminders and documentation.

Safety Awareness

Keep the members of your organization informed by sending content-specific safety content cards to their mobile device/computer.

Safety Simulations

Simulations provide an interactive way to practice safety responses, learn about gaps in your protocols, and practice using CrisisGo safety tools and features.


Control your organization's safety from a central location. The Dashboard lets you observe, direct, record, and review all your safety messages, notifications, and situations.

In-App Training

Learn the app through the app with training exercises that are housed within the application for quick and easy learning.


We also offer internal and external emergency contacts, a flashlight, emergency siren, multi-media communication, and email and SMS capabilities.

Computer, Tablet and smartphone with Emergency communications and GPS location

CrisisGo is For Everyone

Whether your organization is big or small, CrisisGo gives you the ability to improve safety communication and the natural workflow required to deal with any serious issue. Thanks to our comprehensive platform, we bring all parts of your organization together.