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CrisisGo-Veracross Collaboration

A One-Stop Solution for Safe Schools

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Keeping Private Schools Safe

Schools are facing more safety challenges and added stressors than ever before. While there is often a large focus on public schools, private schools have similar issues when it comes to school safety that need to be addressed.
Providing effective safety measures for students and staff to keep them safe and to reassure parents is of the utmost importance. The smaller size of most private schools makes mitigating potential problems feasible, as the communities are often tightly knit.
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Working Together to Improve School Safety

Safety for Everyone

No matter the size of the school, an emphasis should be placed on ensuring that the school environment fosters security and positive feelings. CrisisGo and Veracross are collaborating to provide the fastest way to improve and complete your school safety system covering the scope of:


Drill management, digital emergency operation plans, maps and resources.


Staff and student assistance, bully and incident reporting.


Send and receive alerts, communicate throughout emergencies, account for students and staff, share real-time event progress with first responders.


Reunify stakeholders with speed, accuracy, and transparency.

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School-Parent Connection

Easily communicate with parents via SMS, Email or the CrisisGo App.


Veracross Syncing Details

Frequent Data Updates

Syncing Frequency

Once the connection with the Veracross API is established, CrisisGo will sync with Veracross on a nightly basis. This synchronization can be forced at any time via the CrisisGo Administrative console, but as a default, it will sync nightly.

What Data is Synced

When the sync occurs, CrisisGo will ingest all data pertaining to an organizations roster. This data includes student, section, teacher and enrollment data.

Benefits of the CrisisGo-Veracross Collaboration

Automatic Data Synchronization

For schools, we make adding new staff, students, and guardians a breeze with account creation on login and accurate, nightly data syncing. In addition, the integration is synching roster information so crucial data is always up-to-date.

Single Log-In

With the integration, teachers, staff, students and guardians/parents only need their Veracross username and password. A separate CrisisGo username and password is no longer needed. We authenticate the user when they login.

Full Communication

Ensuring full teacher, staff, student and guardian engagement, participation, and response during an event via fast and easy communication on the app, SMS, phone call or email.