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CrisisGo-Siyata Collaboration

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How quick can your staff notify your security team of an event?

In any emergency where lives are at stake, every second counts.

With Alyssa’s law, it’s important that we do our best to equip our schools with the best emergency communication technology to ensure the fastest emergency response. That’s why CrisisGo has teamed up with Siyata to be the first in the market with an innovative solution to help alleviate this problem.

The Siyata SD7 is a mobile push-to-talk that when paired with CrisisGo, becomes the next-generation panic button, providing a simple emergency SOS button and two-way communication capabilities.
Equipping your employees, teachers, and security personnel with with the SD7 and CrisisGo enables them to send a silent alert during a lockdown event, and with more precise information with push-to-talk. Give your school staff instant access to first responders, and the ability to alert every person in every classroom in seconds.

It takes 5-10 minutes for first responders to arrive on scene.

Success rate in those first moments are up to you. What does your plan look like before emergency services arrive?
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A Powerful Integration to Increase Safety Communication

CrisisGo integrated with the Siyata SD7 equips your organization with a cutting-edge, push-to-talk device for accurate and efficient communication.

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Location Data Precision

Imagine being able to relay to emergency response personnel the exact floor and room you’re located in during a crisis. How valuable would this information be to a firefighter or a police officer? From the emergency response team’s perspective, having that information could be the difference between losing lives, or making it there on time. The SD7 acts as a location beacon, enabling the user to be located inside a building, outside the premises, or even on a moving bus.

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Lockdown / Active Shooter Event

A school staff member spots an armed assailant entering the building, and must alert everyone as quick as possible of imminent danger.

This staff member steps into action, initiating a lockdown event on their SD7 by pressing the SOS button the designated amount of times to send an alert, and location of their SD7,  to everyone on any device. With the alert, they include a voice message that helps identify what the assailant looks like, and where they are.
This simultaneously connects the school security officer with the nearest 911 Public Service Answering Point (PSAP), who also receives all the data given by the school staff member via the CrisisGo application. This vital data is used by first responders, enabling them to stop the armed threat before tragedy strikes.
With CrisisGo, your school can adhere to Alyssa’s law, giving first responders the best chance of responding to a crisis as quickly as possible.

Staff Assist

A teacher notices a student sitting in the hallway having a hard time breathing due to a severe allergic reaction.

The teacher presses the SOS button the district designated number of times on her SD7, then adds a voice message to the alert so everyone on any device knows what is happening. Using the push-to-talk button, staff can continuously communicate with the nurse of the situation.

Supported Carriers

Seamless connectivity across leading cellular networks or Wi-Fi.


School Bus Safety Redefined

School safety is extended to the school bus through Siyata’s VK7 bus mount accessory, extending the reach of school safety beyond the campus to the location of the bus via GPS. This allows alerts from the SD7/VK7 to be sent to the nearest emergency response team, ensuring the quickest response time.

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