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A Powerful Integration to Increase Safety Communication

CrisisGo integrated with the Siyata SD7 equips your organization with a cutting-edge, push-to-talk device for accurate and efficient communication.

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Safety iResponse

A Feature-rich Safety Solution

School districts implementing Siyata’s SD7 push-to-talk (PTT) device to improve communication during an emergency can also utilize CrisisGo’s feature-rich Safety iResponse platform, loaded with a variety of tools to plan, prepare, respond, and recover to any crisis.

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Power at Every Phase

CrisisGo’s Safety iResponse solution comes equipped with a full suite of tools for your school district to effectively communicate, plan for any crisis, instantly reach 911 first responders, and so much more.

Phase 1

Simple Implementation

The first step in our whole school safety solution is implementation, taking 5 days or less. We provide all the tools needed to integrate with multiple systems, and access to the solution on any device.
Phase 2

Active Response

Receive alerts by email, SMS, desktop, PTT, cameras, and many other devices with no download or app required. Responsibly account for stakeholders and check in to let others help you if needed.
fast alert
Phase 3

Active Participation

Ensure that everyone is a part of the safety plan with alerting, communication, emergency coordination, and accounting for people and students. Active participation leads to more engagement.
Phase 4

Active Management

The command center is yours, equipped with powerful features from Safety iControl, communication is unified across all district personnel. A web-based solution allows for real-time incident status and event details sharing, managing drills, and escalating to first responders when necessary.

Building Your Safety Road Map

Safety is more than just sending alerts, and by focusing on physical, mental, and cyber safety, risks can be reduced. With the most powerful response platform in the industry, we can provide you with the road map to build your organization’s safety culture.

Safety Tools That Empower Schools

Our carefully designed software provides school districts with easy-to-use safety tools that assist them in confidently addressing any crisis. Our platform empowers your school to recognize, prepare, address, and review incidents at all levels and to gain knowledge and experience along their designated pathways. It can be accessed on our app and through any web browser.

crisisgo digital safety platform

Your Virtual Command Center

CrisisGo’s Safety iControl is the powerful feature within our command center that unifies communication within the school, first responders, and parents or guardians. Accessible with any web browser, you can share your real-time incident status and situational awareness. It can easily be implemented within 5 days, with little employee training necessary.

Safety For Everyone


  • Digital Safety Plan
  • Drill Management
  • Easy Setup and Maintenance


  • Bully and Incident Reporting
  • Staff Assistance
  • Student Assistance (via Safe2SpeakUP)
  • Safety Communication with Staff, Students and Parents (via App, SMS, Email)


  • Alert
  • Emergency Communication
  • Account for Students and Staff
  • Community Connection


  • Reunification
  • Continual Real-Time Communication
  • Rapidly Resolve Situations

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