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United Communities Under Safety

It takes a village to keep everyone safe, and CrisisGo can help.

All-In-One Solution

Safety takes many different shapes, and CrisisGo has created a platform that can assist every facet of safety your community faces. Whether it is preventing risk through safety awareness and audit reports, responding to an incident through sophisticated notifications and communication, or improving your procedures through comprehensive post-incident review, CrisisGo has you covered on all bases.


Stop emergencies before they can occur with a system for reporting risks and managing facility audits.


Give everyone immediate, access to your emergency plans and the ability to practice and test your protocols.


Notify everyone in harm's way of an emergency with the ability to escalate the situation to first responders if needed.


Access digital safety resources like maps and checklists all while getting the right information to the right people.


Maintain a clear line of communication with all your stakeholders and provide safety resources to navigate an emergency.


Connect all your existing and future safety systems to preserve safety investments and ensure seamless crisis response.

Communicate Throughout a Crisis

Simply being told there is an emergency is not enough. Your stakeholders need to be able to communicate throughout any situation. CrisisGo gives you the tools needed to be instantly notified of a crisis and maintain communication during and after the situation. All of our safety features are connected through communication because being able to share information back and forth is critical for safety.

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Emergency Alerting

If there is a major emergency, CrisisGo allows you to send organization-wide alerts to broadcast emergencies. Alerts can be set off with audible tone or silently to ensure everyone in harm’s way gets advanced notice, and your stakeholders can easily communicate with your safety staff when an alert is sent.


Emergency Response Plans

Your stakeholders need to know what to do and where to go if an emergency happens. Having mobile access to your emergency plans means your people can properly respond to safety threats through checklists that offer clear steps to navigating any emergency situation.


Safety Reporting

Whenever there is an issue, you want to know about it without interrupting your services. You can keep everything running smoothly with our Tip reports, which allows stakeholders to report any safety or maintenance issues they encounter.

"Time is treasure, and you can make such a significant difference with safety. Through the innovation and the relentless pursuit of enhancing community safety, CrisisGo has introduced a trusted application for first responders and community safety officials."
Dr. Joseph Erardi
Community Safety Consultant

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