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Training Resources

Learn how to master the CrisisGo platform.

Training for Success

With our training platform, you can rapidly improve the skills of your safety teams, align safety goals, and close skills gaps in critical areas quickly and efficiently. Through our Train-the-Trainer Model, you can utilize innovative training resources to get everyone involved in your safety network.

CrisisGo's in-app and project portal access

In-App & Project Portal Access

CrisisGo's complete suite of training materials is available in two locations.

Resources that everyone in the organization needs to have access to are available in-app. Start by logging into the app, click on more, then click training. Resources for users managing CrisisGo for your organization are easily found on the project portal. The project portal can be accessed by logging in, clicking on safety platform, then clicking on training and support.

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CrisisGo Academy

CrisisGo Academy

CrisisGo's Academy provides a learning management experience for customers to learn everything from essential functions of the CrisisGo app to the more advanced capabilities of the platform.

CrisisGo Academy
"The webinars were extremely helpful in helping our district navigate the scope of each feature provided by Crisis Go. They were detailed enough to give directions and the pace allowed us to follow along in our own console and make the changes necessary. We also appreciated that we were sent the webinar recording afterwards so we could watch it again and share it with other relevant employees."
Sara Dail
Sterling Public Schools
“My training experience, thus far, has been superb. Colin and Katy have been extremely responsive to our training needs, and they have made them very user-friendly to our unique brand of school. These characteristics demonstrated by the CrisisGo staff has made the job of rolling out this new tool to a large audience very manageable. I am also very confident that they will continue to do so in case I have any challenges going forward.”
Joseph Millan
Avenues: The World School
“The School District of Baraboo utilizes CrisisGo as a safety communication tool for all of our staff and in conjunction with our local safety management officials. Crisis Go training poised us to maximize our operations around safety. The CrisisGo features allow us to not only manage incidents, but provides opportunity to offer ongoing professional development for our staff in handling various situations.”
Dr. Lori M. Mueller
School District of Baraboo
“The CrisisGo implementation and training experiences went very smoothly. Even those of us with weaker technology skills were able to use the CrisisGo training resources to learn how to navigate the CrisisGo app with ease. The webinar training sessions were the best way to dig into the CrisisGo system to learn about the functionality of the program, and the resources available for training our own staff were helpful and easy to follow. We found the simulations especially effective not only for training our safety team, but also for use with our faculty and staff. "
Heather Fishel
Marshall School