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Safety Audit

Saving You Time and Effort

A versatile tool that saves time and ensures compliance by helping organizational safety leaders that need to collect multiple types of safety data while managing many responsibilities.

Compliance with district policy, state safety laws, and mandates for compliance requires an efficient safety data capture and workflow system. CrisisGo’s Safety Audit tool will digitize the process for you. The digital aspect saves safety leaders time from the beginning to the end of the process.

With easy-to-use tools such as a powerful template builder, Safety Audit is designed, in collaboration with our customers, to empower safety leaders to effectively design, distribute, monitor and follow up on safety data collection with the most efficient system.

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Why Safety Audit?

Fast, efficient, and customizable risk report creation and maintenance to meet organizational and state safety requirements and laws.
safety audit process
Saves time and increases visibility into the progress made by each facility in reporting their information.
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Benefits for Safety Leaders

Significantly Reduce The Workload

  • Easy and fast to set up and launch.
  • Digitize the process for the collection of safety data from multiple facilities, making managing data easy and efficient.
  • Comprehensively support a variety of audit purposes, EOPs, site assessments, security, training, mental health services and more.
  • Monitor the audit response status in real time with statistics available.
  • Build a transparent process of request, review, and approval for safety documentation.
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Benefits for Building Leaders

Easily Achieve Compliance

  • Easy-to-perform tasks.
  • Ability to achieve compliance with little effort.
  • No login or download is required to complete and submit the audit.
  • Notify, guide, review, and approve or reject using email.

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