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Getting People Involved in Safety

Part of recovering from a crisis is knowing when it's okay to go back to work. Our solutions prepare your business for just that.


Featured Partner

We’re proud to partner with Siyata Mobile to enhance safety communication with a two-way panic button. Our integration with Siyata’s SD7 push-to-talk (PTT) device equips organizations and schools to be able to instantly send alerts and communicate with first responders. 

Safety for Everyone, Everywhere

Business Safety should be a standard practice, and CrisisGo provides solutions for companies to improve their safety and response planning.

crisisgo multiple devices
Through safety technology, your business can be better prepared to respond to emergencies - anyone, anytime, anywhere on any device.
safety iresponse

Safety iResponse

Connect all your employees, buildings, and technology to ensure everyone has what they need to be safer with our digital safety and incident management platform.

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safety intervention manager

Safety Intervention Manager

Safety Intervention Manager provides a comprehensive digital platform for all mental health risks to proactively identify, communicate, and engage in risk discovery.

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Safety iPass

Safety iPass gives your organization the ability to frictionlessly manage the challenges of safely returning to work after a pandemic or any other disaster. 

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"Since the beginning, the support we have received from CrisisGo's team has been unbelievable. Everything we've asked for is addressed immediately. They respond any time of the day to any questions, requests, or admin issues we may have. CrisisGo has been absolutely amazing. It can't get better."
Zohar Zacks
Senior Director Business Resilience