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crisisgo tipline

Equip your community with a dependable anonymous reporting tool, and embrace a proactive stance on safety. Connected to the most unified school safety alerting and event management solution, CrisisGo’s Tipline offers an industry-leading collaborative interface for staff and safety teams to easily manage tips and reports, while offering students a safe and trusted environment.

Unify Your Safety Team

Seamlessly integrate your safety team's actions in addressing reports with a user-friendly, collaborative interface.

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Strengthening Team Proactivity

CrisisGo Tipline facilitates in-depth coordination and thorough investigation processes.

Promotes collaborative efforts and responsibility among school officials, law enforcement, and mental health experts, addressing every student's well-being through CrisisGo Tipline.

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Empowering Prevention of Tragedy

In most violent school incidents, someone other than the perpetrator had prior knowledge. Sharing key information through CrisisGo Tipline can avert potential tragedies.

Trusted by schools nationwide, CrisisGo’s Tipline allows schools to address concerns like suicide, bullying, and drug-related issues on campus.

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Comprehensive Solution for Student and Staff Empowerment

Tipline provides a direct two-way communication channel between students and the safety team, allowing students to receive progress updates while ensuring every piece of information is meticulously collected for their utmost support and protection.

CrisisGo provides a comprehensive suite of promotional and instructional materials to foster engagement across the school community.

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students are more likely to trust and contribute to a secure school environment
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Let Us Introduce You to Safe2SpeakUP

a COPPA-compliant student app that integrates with Tipline, enabling anonymous reports of bullying or other safety concerns. 

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