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Become a CrisisGo Partner

CrisisGo’s partnerships expand across multiple fields of expertise. Our partners are best in class organizations that want to help reduce safety risks for your employees, students and customers.If your organization also has a hand in safety, you should consider the benefits of partnering with CrisisGo to combine resources and make the world a safer place. Learn more about our partnership types.

Business Partners

Our business partners constitute cooperatives, resellers, system integrators and organizations who are marketing and selling or integrating CrisisGo’s platform and related offers to expand their Safety business. Our Business Partners Program also includes our Alliance referral partnership.

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Technology Partners

Our technology partners are distinguished by the state-of-the-art technology and products that have been integrated with the CrisisGo platform. Technology partners integrate with our platform via our Restful API or by utilizing a technology partner’s API.

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Content Partners

Our content partners help customers to improve safety programs beyond using CrisisGo’s digital safety tools. From associations and advocate organizations to training and consulting firms, our content partners help spread critical safety information to help keep everyone safer.

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