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Integrate all of your safety technologies under a single platform.

Safer Together

Integrating safety devices and technologies provides detailed information and more precise locations helping your safety teams respond faster with a more adapted action plan. Our open API embraces virtually all internet of things (IoT) devices, which significantly improves the process flow and cuts valuable seconds and even minutes from response times.

Streamline Safety

Instead of working in silos with different systems, use CrisisGo to connect the dots between your safety resources.

Limitless Potential

CrisisGo's Open API makes it easy to integrate with a wide range of devices and systems to keep your safety up-to-date with emerging technology.

Protect Investments

Being able to connect your existing - and any future - safety systems ensures that your previous safety investments won't go to waste.


Integrations in Action

Any safety investment is more efficient when it can communicate with other systems. CrisisGo's Open API allows your organization to connect your existing and future safety systems for optimized safety management. Whether you use CrisisGo's emergency alerts to activate your IoT safety devices or you have your safety sensors and resources trigger an emergency alert through CrisisGo, your once isolated safety systems will now be working in cooperation.

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Simplifying Safety

Review our list of integrations, and start integrating all your safety and security technologies under a single platform.

Have a hand in safety and are looking to partner with us to combine resources, benefits, and to make the world a safer place? Learn more about our partnership opportunities.