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Prioritizing and Organizing Mental Health


According to the FBI, there have been over 277 active shooter incidents in the U.S. with more than 2430 killed and wounded over the past 20 years.

The Secret Service’s recent school violence study stressed the crucial need for schools to prioritize mental health awareness. With this growing focus on the mental and emotional health of our students and staff, is your school doing everything it can to manage and address these concerns before they escalate to threats of violence? Will you be able to survive the level of investigation that is certain to come your way?
When it comes to school safety, CrisisGo is committed to upholding a proactive and preventative approach so that you can confidently answer yes to all of these questions.
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Continuum of School Mental Health

Here’s a look at the National Association of School Psychologists' Continuum of School Mental Health, where the four levels of support begin with all students and move upward to those students with severe and/or chronic problems.

continuum of school mental health pyramid

CrisisGo’s Safety Intervention Manager

As safety professionals, the CrisisGo team is committed to bringing you innovative solutions to help you identify and manage behavioral and mental health concerns. We accomplish this goal with our comprehensive and user-friendly platform, Safety Intervention Manager. This system includes integrated, early and anonymous real-time two-way reporting through various communication methods, behavioral intervention management, and threat and concerning behavior identification and management, with the unique ability to intervene at the appropriate level for each case. We give you the best opportunity to identify and prevent violence on your campus by creating a positive and supportive educational environment.


This app includes anonymous reporting, case creation and assignment, and discipline and intervention case management.

Behavior Intervention

Beginning with early identification, the case management follows the student throughout the academic career, and the case is assigned to the appropriate resource (internal and external).

Threat & Concerning Behavior Assessment

Offer two-way communication escalation with reporters, even if the tips were reported anonymously.

Team Dynamics

Teams are established in advance and can expand and contract as necessary. Other components include task assignment and tracking, team-level case management based on permitted access, and core team training within a dedicated work space.

Safety Intervention Manager in Action

Watch our video to see how CrisisGo's Safety Intervention Manager unites behavioral risk assessment, reporting, and intervention tools in a single solution.

Navigating Mental Health Throughout the Pandemic

COVID-19 related issues such as social isolation and mandates have taken a toll on the mental health of students and staff. Safety Intervention Manager provides a comprehensive digital platform that makes it easy to collect the data needed to make continuous improvements in interventions. Staff can proactively communicate and engage in risk discovery from behavior and discipline issues to violent threats against themselves or others.

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Your Mental Health Action Steps

A team effort and a thorough action plan are required to effectively manage mental health in schools.

Implement a communication education program for all staff and students. Introduce universal mental health screening for all stakeholders. Proactively survey staff and students and encourage reporting on self and others.
Establish an anonymous self-reporting system that leads to preventative measures and support strategies. Extend prevention to daily behavior issues such as drug abuse, harassment, and more.
Conduct and manage team-based behavioral risk assessments, including post-assessment safety plan monitoring and behavioral interventions.
Extend the support team to community resources, including mental health and law enforcement.

Safe2SpeakUp Student App

The Safe2SpeakUp app is the student companion to CrisisGo's safety app that allows students to play their role in school safety. Safe2SpeakUp is often the first step in the “Early Warning and Identification” process.
Using Safe2SpeakUp, students can:
  • Report bully-related activity
  • Report threats and concerning behaviors
  • Disclose those at risk for suicide
  • Submit safety tips about incidents at schools
  • Access safety resources during an emergency event
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Safety Intervention Process

CrisisGo’s Safety Intervention Manager allows your team to simplify the process of conducting thorough student threat assessments by digitizing the information. You can collaborate to easily develop comprehensive targeted violence prevention plans that align to your schools' processes and procedures or use Federal NTAC guidelines or other established nationally recognized programs.

Identify Threats

Receive tips from students, parents, and staff about threats found on social media, on-campus and more. School leaders receive threat reports.

Communicate and Confirm

The threat assessment team collaborates and confirms the severity of student threats.

Activate Threat Assessment Team

The assessment team opens a case, begins a threat assessment, and completes a student's safety plan as required.

View Threat Assessment Report

All team members can access report details, mark threat level, monitor progress, and export the final report to print.

Integration with Safety Intervention Manager

Supported by all National Threat Assessment Models, Hybrid Models or District Developed Models. Integrated with school district directory services and student information systems to improve accuracy and ease of use. FERPA, HIPAA compliant.

safety intervention manager process

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