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When it comes to alerting and communicating during an emergency, what is most important to YOU? Powerful technology or ease of use? With CrisisGo, used by more than 16,000+ schools and organizations, you will get both and much more as our platform delivers undisputed reliability, top-level security and unmatched integration capabilities.

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safety response platform

Power at Every Phase

Our safety solution is the easiest way to ensure everyone is notified and to know everyone is safe in your organization.

Phase 1

Simple Implementation

Implementation in as quickly as 5 days. All the tools needed to integrate with multiple systems, and access to the solution on any device.

Phase 2

Active Response

Receive alerts by email or SMS, with no download or app required. Responsibly account for stakeholders and check in to let others help you if needed.

fast alert
Phase 3

Active Participation

Ensure that everyone is a part of the safety plan with alerting, communication and emergency coordination. Active participation leads to more engagement.

Phase 4

Active Management

Manage the command center, drills and escalate to first responders when necessary. Real-time communication is key to keeping track of the status of all stakeholders.

Building Your Safety Road Map

Safety is more than just sending alerts, and by focusing on physical, mental, and cyber safety, risks can be reduced. With the most powerful response platform in the industry, we can provide you with the road map to build your organization’s safety culture.

Safety Tools That Empower People

Our carefully designed software provides staff members with easy-to-use safety tools that assist them in confidently completing their tasks. Our platform empowers your employees to recognize, prepare, address, and review incidents at all levels and to gain knowledge and experience along their designated pathways. It can be accessed on our app and through any web browser.

crisisgo digital safety platform

Your Virtual Command Center

Safety iControl is the powerful feature within our command center that unifies communication from all parties including employers, employees, first responders and more. Accessible with any web browser, you can share your real-time incident status and situational awareness. It can easily be implemented within 5 days, with little employee training necessary.

Safety For Everyone

Rapid Response

Equip everyone with the ability to escalate the situation and quickly call 911 for emergencies or to discreetly call for help for isolated incidents while maintaining a constant line of communication.

Role-Based Safety

Empower every individual to play their specific role in safety with digitized emergency plans in the form of actionable, collaborative checklists and digital maps.

Real-Time Safety Status

In addition to alerting people via email, SMS, phone calls, or app, you can account for your employees, clients, and customers in real-time and maintain the ability to check their safety status and to assess who needs immediate assistance.

Situational Awareness and Reporting

Proactively inform people about safety risks. Prevent emergencies with a digital system for quickly and effectively reporting issues directly to your safety team to address the situation.

Safety Through Communication

Everything you need from the start of an emergency to its resolution.

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Safety That is Fast and Reliable

Speed is critical for safety, but so is reliability. Last year alone, our customers sent out more than 48 million critical messages showing safety is more than just emergencies. Learn more about how we're helping organizations across the country to prevent, prepare, respond, and recover from over 400 different types of safety threats.


Safety On-the-Go

You can use the CrisisGo app to respond quicker by setting off an alert or panic button, accessing critical emergency plans with or without internet connectivity, exchanging specific communications from the organization's safety personnel or first responders, and submitting a quick incident report or tip to the administration or management team.

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simplified safety management

Simplified Safety Management

With CrisisGo, you can monitor all of the safety activities for your organization through our online console. Our dashboard makes it easy to observe, track, and coordinate safety efforts, and you can easily compile all relevant communications and actions taken during specific incidents for post-incident review.

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integration management

Integrated Safety Systems

Our platform plays well with others. CrisisGo integrates our best-of-class technology with your legacy systems, preserving existing investments and most importantly, ensuring seamless crisis response. We have significant experience integrating with Enterprise Networks, LDAP, and Student Information Systems.

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