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Success Stories

Hear from school personnel themselves about how we are making a difference in the lives of the whole community.  Our success stories give you an inside look into the essential need for clear school safety plans and how CrisisGo can provide them.

students working together

Making Every Second Count with the Most Robust Emergency Management Platform Paired with AI-Driven Gun Detection

Brooksville, FL

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student raising hand

Strengthening Safety with Unparalleled Communication and Support

Bellevue, NE

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Beyond the Crisis: How CrisisGo is a Daily Tool for Efficient Communication

Marshall Schools, MN

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Lockdown at St. James Catholic School: How CrisisGo Delivered During a School Emergency

Millstadt, IL

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officer talking with teacher in classroom

How CrisisGo Collaborated with
Pasco County to Transform the Direct 911 Feature

Pasco County, FL

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teacher and student using a tablet together

How a TechnologyOriented District Easily Embraced CrisisGo’s Safety Solutions

Tonopah, AZ

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teacher using a tablet in the classroom

Wilmington School District’s Proactive Approach to Safety

Wilmington, IL

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business people looking at a tablet

Expanding Digital Safety Platform Features to Maximize Protection at School City of Hobart

Hobart, IN

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nurse testing students for covid-19

How Oswego Schools Used Safety iPass to Face Changing Pandemic Mandates

Oswego, IL

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teacher sitting in classroom

Helping Teachers Shape
Future Generations Using
Safety iPass

Santa Barbara, CA

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teacher sharing information on a tablet

Magnified Success with
CrisisGo + The “I Love U Guys” Foundation

Bemidji, MN

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students standing on stairs at school

Keep 80% of Students in
Classrooms with Safety iPass

Chicago, IL

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child in gym class doing a plank

CrisisGo Supports Data
Driven Decisions for Athletic

New York City, NY

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women using a laptop

Safety iPass Simplifies
Reporting for Administrators

Albany, NY

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Safety iPass Provides Peace
of Mind for Miller Creek

Bay Area, CA

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parent and children walking to school

Safety iPass Brings Students
Back to School

San Rafael City Schools, CA

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analyzing budget reports

Utilizing COPS Grant
Funding for CrisisGo’s
Student Threat Assessment

Wayzata Public Schools, MN

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Streamlining New School
Safety Routines with Safety

Long Branch Public Schools, NJ

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empty classroom and hallway

Empowering Students
With Strategic School
Entry Process During the
COVID-19 Pandemic

Norridge School District 80, IL

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kids walking back in to school

Entry Management and Safety Reports for COVID-19 Safety

Harrison Central School District, NY

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children with masks sitting in class

School Safety for Hybrid
Learning Schedules Amidst
the Pandemic

Lisle CUSD 202, IL

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covid-19 response

Streamlined Communication for COVID-19 Response

Zeeland Public Schools, MI

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people at a table with safety icons

Reaching All Staff with Rapid Alerts and Communication

West Michigan Academy of Environmental Science, MI

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safety spelt out in foam letters

Streamlining Safety Information and Communication

Linn-Mar Community School District, IA

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training teachers

Efficiently and Effectively Implementing a Safety Platform

Avon Grove Charter School, PA

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Streamlining Emergency Alerting and Communication

Santa Barbara Unified School District, CA

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laptop with the word safety on it

Improved Safety Communication and Drill Management

Bellevue Public Schools, NE

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blocks spelling the word emergency

Combining CrisisGo and FirstNet for Optimal Response

Virginia Public Schools, MN

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students lined up in front of a bus with a teacher

Improved Safety Accountability & Access to Safety Plans

Morgan County Charter School System, GA

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hallway exit sign

Emergency Communication and Rapid Response

Goreville Community Unit School District #1, Illinois

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fire hose in a hallway with emergency lighting

Improved Mass Communication and Emergency Alerting

Long Branch Public Schools, NJ

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paper emergency plans to digital

Streamlining Safety with Digital Access to Safety Protocols

Paducah Public Schools, KY

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two people talking into tin cans connected with a string

Streamlined Communication and Emergency Response

School City of Hobart, IN

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boy listening to a tin can with a light bulb on his head

Upgrading Safety Drill Management with Technology

Hanover Community School Corporation, IN

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turn paper into data

Safety Communication and Digitized Emergency Plans

Kirkwood School District, MO

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drawing of a bar graph trending upwards

Streamlined Reunification and Tracking Safety Trends

Ridgeline Academy, AZ

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happy kids jumping at school

Rolling Out a Unified Safety Platform to 20+ Districts

Berks County Intermediate Unit, PA

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kids sitting outside with books on their heads

Enhanced Safety Drill Communication and Coordination

Bonham Elementary Abilene ISD, TX

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first responders looking at a tablet with crisisgo

Digitized Safety Plans and Connecting with Responders

Eagle Mountain Saginaw ISD, TX

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girl talking into a megaphone

Updating School Safety Communication and Response

Triad CUSD 2, IL

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kids dressed as firefighters

Maximizing Safety Drills with Escalation to First Responders

Evergreen Park Community HSD, IL

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phone with a stopwatch

Improved Emergency Communication & Response

Bemidji Area Schools, MN

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kids lined up against school building for a drill

Improved School Safety Drills and Drill Reporting

Chilton School District, WI

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two boys looking at whiteboard

Streamlined Communication and Emergency Response

Sterling Public Schools, IL

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fire alarm

Immediate Safety Communication & Access to Information

Kutztown Area School District, PA

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