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Your Organization's Mental Health Protection


According to the FBI, commerce-related acts of violence accounted for approximately 44% of all active shooter incidents between 2000 and 2018.

Early identification and intervention of concerning behaviors provides your business with the best opportunities to prevent and mitigate violent acts. Creating an environment where your employees feel safe and supported is key to optimal performance.
When it comes to safety, CrisisGo is committed to helping you to optimize employee productivity by upholding a proactive and preventative approach to mental health.
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CrisisGo’s Safety Intervention Manager

This innovative solution gives behavioral, discipline, and threat assessment teams the information and tools needed to assess and monitor risks in an individual's safety plan early, getting them the help needed for their specific case and assigning the appropriate level of intervention. Our user-friendly platform expands your organization’s ability to support your stakeholders' mental health needs while proactively creating a culture of safety. Various communication methods are used to collect tips via anonymous real-time two-way reporting, including in apps, webpages, emails, surveys, and others.


Address concerns early, take preventative steps, monitor progress, and automatically generate communication and escalation reports.


Assess the severity of behavior threats using standard methods and immediately start the appropriate response plan.


Offer two-way communication escalation with reporters, even if the tips were reported anonymously.


Create a long term case intervention plan with scheduled tasks and universal mental health screenings.

Your Mental Health Action Steps

We recognize the importance of proactively checking in with employees to ensure mental stability and optimal productivity and recommend the following plan.

Digitally “check-in" with employees to measure their social and emotional wellbeing. Report mental health concerns for collection, assessment, and intervention when needed.
Establish anonymous capability self-reporting tools that lead to preventative measures and whole-employee support strategies. Extend prevention to daily behavioral issues such as drug abuse, harassment, and more.
Conduct and manage team-based behavioral risk assessments, including post-assessment monitoring, supervision, and behavioral interventions.
Ensure regulatory compliance with the OSHA communication platform application that enables collaboration across organizations, employees, and communities.

Safety Intervention Process

CrisisGo’s Safety Intervention Manager allows your team to digitize the process of conducting thorough threat assessments by digitizing the information. You can easily develop comprehensive targeted violence prevention plans that align to your business's processes and procedures.

Identify Threats

Receive tips from employees about threats found on social media, in-office, and more. Business leaders receive threat reports.

Communicate and Confirm

The threat assessment team collaborates and confirms the severity of threats.

Activate Threat Assessment Team

The assessment team opens a case, begins a threat assessment, and completes an employee's safety plan as required.

View Threat Assessment Report

All team members can access report details, mark threat level, monitor progress, and export the final report to print.

Integration with Safety Intervention Manager

Supported by all national assessment models with capability of building your own model. Integrated with directory services to improve accuracy and ease of use. HIPAA compliant.

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