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We've assembled our educational content to better assist organizations and safety professionals to learn more about the growing safety risks and solutions in our communities. You can find a variety of media to learn more about goals, challenges, and approaches to increasing safety for any organization. You can also find more information on our blog, seek assistance from our help center, or learn more about training opportunities with CrisisGo.


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Get an in-depth crash course on critical safety topics.

How CrisisGo Connects School Districts & First Responders

Learn how CrisisGo can increase rapid response by creating a direct connection between your organization and your local first responders.



School Safety & Security Decision Guide

Take a closer look at school safety with this guide that breaks down the critical elements of a school safety platform.



Student Threat Assessments: A Proactive & Supportive Approach To School Safety

Learn more about student threat assessments: what they are, why you need them, and how to get started.



8 Questions For Selecting A School Safety Alerting System

This guide shares the eight most important questions to ask when looking for a school safety alerting system and what to look for.



Your Blueprint to Improved School Safety

This tool will help you define where your district and schools are related to contemporary school safety standards, and it will help you identify areas you can prioritize to make improvements.


Take Assessment



These checklists provide a quick-check tool to make sure your safety protocols are up to par, and they help identify pain points for further improvement.

School Threat Assessment Checklist

Compare what threat assessment protocols and resources you have in place to successfully conduct and manage school threat assessments.



School Safety Improvements for All Budgets

Learn about safety improvements for different budget tiers and assess the strengths and weaknesses of your approach to school safety.





Here's a visually inspired breakdown of important safety concepts and information.

Safety 7

Learn about seven critical pillars to cover the full scope of safety success.



School Safety is Everyone's Job

Safety is a shared responsibility. Learn how everyone can play their role.



8 Questions to Ask when Selecting a School Safety Alerting System

See what the top eight questions are for choosing a school safety alerting system are.




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