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See what schools and organizations are saying about CrisisGo.

Hear from the People Regularly Using CrisisGo

We're proud to share what our clients have said about our platform, and we hope you can share how CrisisGo has improved safety for your organization as well.

We LOVE the Safety CheckIn feature. I just got a request today from a staff member to add other people to it since it is so easy to use and the notification every morning is an excellent reminder to fill out the form. I think we will move toward having our families use the SCI as well.

Heather Fishel

Upper School Principal

Communication has been a struggle in the past. We have used radios. We tried intercoms and different apps and things. The nice thing with CrisisGo is that everything is in one place: the communication, the crisis plan, and the student roster, and that's been a big difference for us.

Sara Dail

Assistant Superintendent

[In choosing CrisisGo] there were several factors: The ability to alert quickly, to alert universally throughout the campus, the ability to alert multiple campuses at any given time, and the ability to integrate the rosters was a big thing for me.

Kelly Moore

Safety Coordinator

It's been really encouraging for me to watch our leadership in our buildings use this tool and really perfect their craft as it relates to doing school safety drills within their building and communicating with their staff during those drills.

Rodney Brown

Director of Student Services

We wanted to really find a solution that was going to take away some of the burdens and the anxiety points that a lot of public schools teachers have about crisis situations and put into their hands a tool that is going to make the situation a little bit easier and streamline it.

Bryan Brutto

Chief Academic Officer

I would say that there wouldn't be a program that would have helped any better. [CrisisGo] was immediate. There was no PA system, there's no quick text or phone call to everyone. It was the quickest method that we could utilize and we're grateful for it.

Alan Bosker


The greatest attribute of CrisisGo is the fact that everybody, and I can't stress that enough, from the superintendent to a cook in the kitchen or a groundsman, has the same authority, ability, and knowledge to activate an Alert to save lives.

Walter J. O'Neill, Jr.

School Safety Specialist & Security Manager