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Every Organization Wants a Grant, But How Do You Get Them?

CrisisGo's grant opportunity approach is unique to the educational and public safety concerns for our schools and law enforcement. Schools and supporting law enforcement face several unique problems in finding funding for their School Safety requirements, especially in these challenging times.

Your organizations just do not have the hours to focus on grant opportunities that are at both the state and federal level. Since many grants are not thought of as educational grants, but rather public safety, few schools even have the expertise to know how to apply for them or the training in how to search, apply, and implement the many funding opportunities that are available to ensure the safety for our schools in this ever-threatening and risky environment.


CrisisGo has a grant writer and subject matter expert on staff that can assist your organization in finding and effectively applying for grant funding opportunities. 

How CrisisGo Can Help

Grant Research

CrisisGo's grant writer and grant subject matter expert can work with you to find grant opportunities relevant to your organization's safety needs. Many grants are difficult to find and understand, so having expert assistance helps your chances of finding the grant you need.

Application Process 

Grant applications are often a complicated process that can range from 5 steps to a few dozen. Not only can CrisisGo help you complete the application, but our grant expert can also help write your narrative and abstract to better align your needs with the stipulations of the grant. 

Guidance & Expertise

The process of finding and applying for grants can be long and exhaustive. CrisisGo is here to help you along the way with a grant writer and subject matter expert with a  background in law enforcement and a PhD. in Education. Our expert can give guidance on numerous safety resources.

Stop Worrying About Grants: We Can Help

You don't know what you don't know, and with a subject as confusing as grants, that can lead to many organizations giving up. Let our expertise and guidance with safety grants help your organization achieve a higher level of safety with the funding opportunities needed to get it done.


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