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CrisisGo Reunification Begins at Communication

Fully aligned with the proven practices of The “I Love U Guys” Foundation’s Standard Reunification Method, CrisisGo Safety Reunification Manager delivers undisputed reliability with the most streamlined and innovative safety system that connects students, schools, parents, and first responders to ensure efficiency and collaboration in the reunification process. You can trust our Safety Reunification Manager to easily guide you through any unpredictable emergency.

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Are you ready to digitize your reunification process?

Our manager makes the process easy, and the technology will increase the speed and accuracy of reuniting students with their parents at a time of high stress. First responders and other important community partners will be able to oversee the status of the reunification event, and provide support once needed.

We Keep Everyone Connected Throughout the Reunification Process

Reunification Team

Digitize the process to give team members peace of mind during a crisis.


Monitor event progress with a transparent and comprehensive view.


Effortlessly receive a fully transparent, guaranteed process to reunify with kids.


Use existing school badges with the student QR codes, or use the CrisisGo digital badge to self-scan into the kidhold area upon arriving at the reunification site.

Community Connection

Easily coordinate with community partners to guarantee a safe and smooth reunification process.

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Fully Integrated

CrisisGo’s Safety Reunification Manager integrates with all major SIS, LDAP, AD, Azure, CRG Plan systems and more, making it easy to account for students, teachers, staff, administrators, counselors, parents, SROs, first responders and more. A SIS auto-sync keeps student information up-to-date, and staff can use a single sign-on to log in to the app or command center.

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How CrisisGo and The "I Love U Guys" Foundation Aligns

Learn more about how CrisisGo upholds The "I Love U Guys" Foundation’s values including standardization, simplicity, and having everyone understand what is expected of them during an emergency.
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