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Safety for Everyone, Everywhere

Safety is a shared responsibility, and CrisisGo provides solutions for organizations to improve their safety while being a part of their community's safety network. Through safety technology, your organization can be better prepared to respond to emergencies - anytime, anywhere.


Mitigate potential crises with student threat assessments and risk audits.


Ready your stakeholders with digital safety plans and safety drill management.


Rapid alerts and escalation to first responders ensure a quick response.


Account for all your people with check-in, reunification, and automated reporting.

Our highly secure and reliable solution ensures your community is ready for any crisis as demonstrated by our approved inclusion in the App Catalog for FirstNet and AWS Advanced Technology Partnership. 




Safety iPass

Safety iPass helps you return to school safely and efficiently.

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"All I can say about CrisisGo is it not only provides lifesaving powers at everyone’s fingertips, but it now helps us track and trace our staff and students during a pandemic."
Walter J. O'Neill, Jr.
Long Branch Public Schools
"We LOVE the Safety CheckIn feature. I just got a request today from a staff member to add other people to it since it is so easy to use and the notification every morning is an excellent reminder to fill out the form. I think we will move toward having our families use the Safety CheckIn as well."
Heather Fishel
Marshall School
"We actively use CrisisGo in numerous ways. Our teachers and coaches use the app on field trips so that they have a list of students on the trip and fast access to their emergency contacts if anything happens."
Levaughn Smart
Kirkwood School District
"The CrisisGo app is an excellent tool that all Emergency Managers should consider. Providing immediate notification and having your emergency plans readily accessible will not only save time but lives."
Rodney Carbajal
Northern Suburban Special Education District
"We use [CrisisGo] to show every employee in our district — from bus drivers to grounds and custodians, all the way up to the superintendent — that everyone has the same ability and the same ownership of our safety now."
Walter J. O'Neill, Jr.
Long Branch Public Schools
"CrisisGo is changing how school districts respond to crisis by giving them the mobile communications tools necessary to ensure that teachers, staff and administrators know exactly what to do during any emergency and to allow them to continuously communicate as a crisis unfolds."
James Minicello
AASA, The School Superintendents Association
"Our district is committed to ensuring that all teachers and staff are trained on safety protocols, including understanding how we partner with law enforcement and support neighboring campuses in the event of a crisis. [CrisisGo] is about making our whole community stronger, not just our schools. Being able to come at school safety with a community lens is incredibly valuable. This is about being trained on proactive responses and breaking down silos."
Frann Wageneck
Santa Barbara Unified School District
"CrisisGo allows drivers to immediately alert the necessary people in times of emergency. This is an ideal partner for Siyata as drivers, first responders, students, and parents will be safer knowing that they can drive in a safer environment and be in contact quickly with the right people in times of emergency."
Marc Seelenfreund
Siyata Mobile