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Safety For Everyone, Everywhere

CrisisGo is connecting people and organizations through safety networks to ensure everyone has what they need to be safer.

CrisisGo's Safety Platform

Everything you need from the start of an emergency to its resolution

CrisisGo is highly secure as demonstrated by its approved inclusion in the App Catalog for FirstNet, and reliability is demonstrated as an AWS Advanced Technology Partner.

How Safety Happens

CrisisGo is shaping how people and organizations come together for safety. A single person or a single organization can only do so much, which is why we invite individuals, organizations, and our partners to be a part of an interconnected network dedicated to safety.

Companies like you trust us:

CrisisGo Makes You Safer By

  • Creating a platform to build a better safety culture
  • Accelerating safety communication and response
  • Facilitating access to critical information
  • Providing a system for awareness and prevention
  • Granting access to safety tools for all ages across every device
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Who Do We Help Become Safer?


Our children are the most precious thing in the world, so it follows that safety for kids is the most important. CrisisGo is dedicated to helping schools provide safer learning environments by using our safety platform.

We also want students to have a voice for bully prevention. CrisisGo gives schools a platform to empower students to address bullying and improve the safety culture of their school.


Parents are people too, and just like everyone else, they need to be safe. But they also need to know their children are safe as well. Not only does CrisisGo have a platform that improves school safety and students’ personal safety, we empower parents to participate in the safety of their family.


You see them every day, and whether you realize it or not, you are all connected in your duty to keep each other safe. CrisisGo doesn’t just offer safety tools to keep your organization safe, we connect you with your coworkers to make sure everyone plays a role in your safety.


You want to welcome everyone to worship, but you need to know that your congregation is always safe. CrisisGo provides a platform to make your congregation more safety aware and crisis prepared. Our safety communication features allow you to not only report, assess, and respond to threats without disturbing your services, you can also enhance the internal communication about your faith.


It doesn’t matter who you are, you always want to be safe. CrisisGo knows that safety is stronger when everyone contributes. We are building safety networks that help everyone become more aware of risks and empowered to address those risks because we want to make sure everyone is safe at school, at home, at work, and on-the-go.

Why our customers love us

Jennings School District Icon
Dusty Hawkins
Morgan County Charter School System

“The implementation process of CrisisGo went very smoothly. The CrisisGo team provided precise training with the console and app usage. The CrisisGo training to train helped administrators redeliver CrisisGo to their faculty and staff. CrisisGo continues to provide support during the customizing of the platform for each school. Our entire staff feels more secure having the CrisisGo safety platform app by their side at all times. CrisisGo, thank you for all you do in providing a extra layer of protection for our school system.”

Walter J. O'Neill, Jr.
Long Branch Public Schools

"We also use it to show every employee in our district — from bus drivers to grounds and custodians, all the way up to the superintendent — that everyone has the same ability and the same ownership of our safety now."

Mark Warren, Vice President
Strategos International

"I have worked with several school districts currently using the CrisisGo app. I have been impressed with the overall comprehensiveness of the communication capabilities of the app. We believe in an overall ability to communicate community wide before, during and after a crisis and CrisisGo meets that commitment."

Levaughn Smart
Kirkwood R-VII School District

"We actively use CrisisGo in numerous ways.  Our teachers and coaches use the app on field trips so that they have a list of students on the trip and fast access to their emergency contacts if anything happens."

Heather Fishel
Marshall School

“The CrisisGo support team is always available and has been super responsive to all our questions and needs throughout the entire implementation and training process. When we didn't feel like we could figure out something on our own, there was always a support team member just a phone call or email away.”

Rodney Carbajal
Northern Suburban Special Education District

"The Crisis Go app is an excellent tool that all Emergency Managers should consider. Providing immediate notification and having your emergency plans readily accessible will not only save time but lives."