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Peace of Mind at the Press of a Button

Is clear and efficient communication lacking in your district? Are your teachers and staff looking for an easy way to send a panic alert without having to install an app on their personal phones? Are you looking for a way to send a silent alert near the front entrance? 

When sending an instant alert is needed, panic buttons are a go-to tool for teachers and staff. Meeting all requirements for Alyssa’s law, our panic buttons are easy for teachers and staff to quickly notify safety teams and 9-1-1 of an emergency, even if there’s no WiFi or LTE available. Our wearables are just one piece of the puzzle. We offer a wide range of alerting solutions to fit the needs of any district or organization.

Give your teachers and staff the confidence and assurance they need to manage any emergency situation with CrisisGo’s panic button solutions.

Instant Panic Alerts in the Palm of Your Hand

Within our flagship Safety iResponse platform is a powerful, multi-functional panic button. Not only are these panic alerts customizable, but can range from simple staff-assist type alerts to more severe alerts like lockdown and evacuation. 

Utilizing the panic feature within Safety iResponse opens the door to an entire alerting and communication solution, equipping you with powerful features like group messaging, maps, reunification, and so much more.

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2 Instant Panic Alerts in the Palm of Your Hand

When You Need Instant, Two-Way Communication

Our latest integration brings a next-gen panic button to your schools, equipping your staff and safety teams with two-way communication and instant communication with first responders. The Siyata SD7 push-to-talk (PTT) handset offers a way for your staff to accurately relay what’s needed in any type of emergency at the press of a button. 

And with an available VK7 accessory for buses, the SD7 can be used outside of the school grounds at field trips and away sports games.

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Definitive Crisis and Location Information in the Classroom

As an industry-leading alerting software company, we offer wearables enabled with AWS and LoraWAN technology as a small part of our comprehensive alerting portfolio. Our wearables provide a convenient and fast way to connect with safety resources, no matter where you are.

Whether you're a mobile user, a stationary user, or in a location with a mounted beacon, our wearables offer the ability to trigger an alert to your safety team instantly. It’s as simple as pressing a button.

Is specific alert information and location important to you?

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definitive crisis and location information in the classroom

Safety at the Front Line

Safety OneClick utilizes LoRaWAN technology to ensure a consistent and dependable connection, keeping your system prepared for emergencies at all times. By avoiding the use of wifi for your wireless buttons, which can deplete the battery life of panic buttons and impede your network, Safety OneClick guarantees uninterrupted and efficient service. 

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Precise Alert Location

Sending an alert and knowing who sent it is one thing, but knowing exactly where that alert came from adds another layer of information that could be the difference between help making it there on time or causing confusion.

Our BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) Beacons allow for each alert to be tracked to a specific location, down to the exact classroom. With a customizable signal radius, a long battery life (5 years), and just slightly bigger than an Apple AirTag, beacons enable safety teams and 9-1-1 to arrive on the scene quickly with the exact location known.

BLE Beacons can be paired with the SD7, CrisisGo App, and Wearables.

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Does Your District Meet Alyssa’s Law Requirements?

With CrisisGo, our panic solutions will ensure you meet Alyssa's Law, which requires that public elementary and secondary school buildings are adequately equipped with silent panic alarms to directly notify law enforcement in case of an emergency.

Have physical and digital panic button(s) in the facility

Send alerts directly to the 911 center’s system

Notify all staff and students of a crisis through multiple channels

Allow schools to conduct panic button alert system drills

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Collaborating for Comprehensive Safety

If you already have a panic solution implemented, but want the enhanced, easy-to-use features of our iResponse solution, no worries! You can have both. 

Our advanced alerting solution can integrate with just about any panic button, badge, sensor, camera, strobe lights, and many other third party systems with ease. CrisisGo enables you to comply with Alyssa's Law by effortlessly integrating panic alerts with your existing systems, allowing you to seamlessly receive and send out alerts. Turn your existing system into an advanced, life-saving safety solution for your district. 

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