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Building a Culture of Safety in Schools

Everything You Need in a Safety Communication Suite and More

Within Safety iResponse, you can initiate communication and share location and situational details with internal safety teams and community partners - instantly.

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A Holistic School Safety Solution for Any Crisis

“Bullying at school at least once a week was reported at a higher rate for middle schools (25 percent) than for high/secondary schools (16 percent) or elementary schools (11 percent).”
“During the 2019–20 school year, about 939,000 violent incidents and 487,000 nonviolent incidents occurred in U.S. public schools. Seventy percent of schools reported having at least one violent incident, and 62 percent reported having at least one nonviolent incident (table 1) (figure 1).”
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Instant, Constant Communication Within Your School

Whether during a drill, real emergencies, or daily communication, our messaging feature within Safety iResponse enables staff, teachers, and students to communicate quickly.

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“If you know how to send a text message, you’ll know how to use the CrisisGo app.”

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Crisis Mitigation, Before it Happens

Responding to a crisis is just one piece of emergency management. Address issues through comprehensive, digital assessments to prevent a potential crisis with Safety Intervention Manager.

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Peace of Mind After the Storm

Implement a layered security approach that tracks students throughout the entire process to ensure the safe reunification of students with their parents or guardians, while effectively communicating and coordinating with parents and staff.

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Safety iPass

An intelligent survey and digital badge verification system helps schools handle health pre-certification and entry management in the midst of any health crisis.

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Safety iPass Video (K-12)

Thought Leadership in K12 with CrisisGo

Our latest series of blogs start with a basic foundation for what it means to have a safe school environment, to learning specific skills and understanding vital concepts to keep your schools safe.

Coffee with Kelly: A Discussion on School Safety

Our podcast takes our listeners deep into what school safety really means. Our Senior School Safety Specialist, Kelly Moore, who has over 30 years of experience in various safety roles, such as a Commander from the Santa Barbara Sheriffs Department, leads the charge in this podcast. He provides valuable insights to equip schools with the knowledge they need to keep their schools safe.