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All-Inclusive Safety Solutions For Your School

Create a safe learning environment that empowers everyone to be part of the safety solution.

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Engage Everyone in the Safety Process

Our digital safety and crisis response platform was designed with the core belief that safety is everyone’s responsibility, because simply being told there is an emergency is not enough. We allow your students, teachers, staff, parents, and first responders to communicate about safety-related issues at any given moment by giving them an easy and clear pathway to safety. We make parents part of the reunification process from the start, with real-time communication about each child throughout critical events.


Stop emergencies before they can occur with a system for reporting risks, assessing student threats, and managing facility audits.


Give everyone immediate, digital access to your emergency plans and practice your protocols via safety drills.


Notify everyone in harm's way with the ability to escalate the situation to first responders, if needed.


Access digital safety resources like maps, checklists, and your emergency operation plan all while getting the right information to the right people.


Keep track of the safety status of your students and staff with digital rosters, maintaining a clear line of communication at all times, including throughout the reunification process.


Connect all your existing and future safety systems to preserve safety investments and ensure seamless crisis response.

With CrisisGo, your schools can cover the processes and workflows required for school safety, integrate the technology needed to streamline safety, and connect the people who make safety happen. Last year alone, 486,000 alerts and over 48 million critical messages were sent out by schools across the country using CrisisGo to prevent, prepare, respond, and recover from over 400 types of school safety threats.

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The Leading Safety Platform and Emergency Solution

With Safety iResponse, used by more than 16,000 schools and organizations, you will get power and ease-of-use as our platform delivers undisputed reliability, top-level security and unmatched integration capabilities.

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Safety iResponse

Learn how our school emergency communication safety platform unites all stakeholders through one virtual command center, making it the easiest to use and most powerful school emergency platform in the industry. With CrisisGo’s technology, you will be provided with the road map to build your safety culture in as little as 5 days.

Discover Safety iResponse
Safety iResponse

Safety Intervention Manager

An innovative solution that gives behavioral, discipline, and threat assessment teams the information and tools needed to assess, develop, and monitor risks in an individual's safety plan early, getting them the help required for each specific case. Our user-friendly platform expands your school's ability to support your stakeholders' mental health needs while proactively creating a culture of safety.

Safety Intervention Manager Multi Platform

Safety Reunification Manager

With CrisisGo’s Safety Reunification Manager, we can train your reunification team to effectively communicate and coordinate with parents and staff so they will be familiar with the tools they need during high-stress situations.

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Safety Audit

Safety Audit is a versatile tool that saves time and ensures compliance by helping organizational safety leaders that need to collect multiple types of safety data while managing many responsibilities.

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staff analyzing safety audit

Safety iPass

See how our intelligent surveys and digital badge verification system help schools handle health pre-certification and entry management in the midst of any health crisis, such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

Discover Safety iPass
kids walking into school with safety ipass badge

Safe2SpeakUp Student App

The Safe2SpeakUp app is the student companion to CrisisGo's safety app that allows students to play their role in school safety. Using Safe2SpeakUp, students can report bully-related activity, submit safety tips about incidents at schools, report their location, call for help, and communicate if required to run from the school during a critical event.

school boys bullying a girl

Additional Resources


[eBook] Connect Schools, First Responders, and Communities

Want a step-by-step experience of what you’d face when responding to a critical event? Download our eBook today to gain insight into everything you need to keep schools safe.

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4 Ways Schools Can Effectively Partner with First Responders

When creating or updating your school safety plans, remember to involve first responders. Their expertise, combined with your own, will help you to make the best decisions for your school.

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[Checklist] Take Your School Safety To The Next Level

There's no limit to how safe your school can be. In one insightful checklist, we’ve compiled some of the best practices to ensure effective collaboration with first responders.

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Feedback from Our Satisfied Customers

Hear what our customers had to say about how CrisisGo has improved their school safety culture.

"We are always looking for a zero response time, and whenever you have immediate notification where it can go out to so many people at once while you're mobile, that's a tremendous asset to have in an event."

Dr. Steve Webb
Superintendent & School Resource Officer

"[CrisisGo] is a great safety platform. First of all, you have your safety plans in your hands. Second of all, if you're a district or safety administrator, you can quickly change the plans if you need to. Faculty and staff also feel more secure."

Dusty Hawkins
Safety Coordinator

"With CrisisGo, we are able to get the drill information out in real-time, more like what it would be in a real situation."

Kevin Wellborn
Assistant Principal

"The greatest attribute of CrisisGo is the fact that everybody, and I can't stress that enough, from the superintendent to a cook in the kitchen or a groundsman, has the same authority, ability, and knowledge to activate an alert to save lives."

Walter J. O'Neill, Jr.
School Safety Specialist & Security Manager

"For me, the most beneficial component is the immediacy of information, and in that is the real-time communication as well as our digital documentation."

Scott Hand
Director of Educational Technology

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