Provide a safe learning environment that empowers everyone to be part of the safety solution.

Communicate Throughout a Crisis

Simply being told there is an emergency is not enough. Your students, teachers, staff, and parents need to be able to communicate throughout any situation. CrisisGo gives you the tools you need to be instantly notified of a crisis and maintain communication during and after the situation. All of our safety features are connected through communication because being able to share information back and forth is critical for safety.


Stop emergencies before they can occur with a system for reporting risks, assessing student threats, and managing facility audits.


Give everyone immediate, digital access to your emergency plans and practice your protocols via safety drills.


Notify everyone in harm's way with the ability to escalate the situation to first responders, if needed.


Access digital safety resources like maps and checklist all while getting the right information to the right people.


Keep track of your staff with digital rosters for accounting for your stakeholders and maintaining a clear line of communication.


Connect all your existing and future safety systems to preserve safety investments and ensure seamless crisis response.


Student Threat Assessment

Preventing an emergency before it happens is better than quickly responding to any emergency. CrisisGo's Student Threat Assessment Manager is a collaborative student threat assessment system that provides all the digital safety tools needed to manage and process threat assessments.

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Connect with Responders

When an emergency occurs, first responders need to know immediately, which is why our emergency alerts, panic buttons, and reports can be automatically escalated to first responders.

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Safe2SpeakUp app

Safe2SpeakUp Student App

The Safe2SpeakUp app is the student companion to CrisisGo's safety app that allows students to play their role in school safety. Using Safe2SpeakUp, students can report bully-related activity, submit safety tips about incidents at schools, and access safety resources during the event of an emergency.

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Take Your School Safety To The Next Level

See CrisisGo in action to learn how our digital safety and crisis response platform can improve school safety and make it easier to manage.

We are always looking for a zero response time, and whenever you have immediate notification where it can go out to so many people at once while you're mobile, that's a tremendous asset to have in an event.
Dr. Steve Webb
Superintendent & School Resource Officer