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The BJA STOP School Violence Grant Funding

Utilize BJA STOP Grant Funding to Solve Your School Violence Prevention Program Concerns

The Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) STOP School Violence Grant Program improves school security by providing students and teachers with the tools they need to recognize, prevent, plan and respond to violent acts. The difference with STOP over COPS is that it is 100% of the funding over three years but is still competitive, ranging from three to six out of ten.

The Student, Teachers, and Officers Preventing School Violence Act (or STOP School Violence Act) of 2018 outlines the following categories for school safety projects:

  • Training to prevent student violence against others and self, including training for local law enforcement officers, school personnel, and students. CrisisGo has a full spectrum of training efforts to support you with a platform system that allows you to effectively track and construct the data you need and the processes.

  • The development and deployment of school threat assessment and intervention teams coordinate with law enforcement agencies and school personnel.

  • Systems that can help you identify school violence threats using practically any media or device.

Now Is The Time To Act: The 73 million dollars in STOP Grant Funds can help solve your school violence prevention program NOW. To obtain these funds, contact us by July 23rd, 2021, to complete your application before the August 2nd due date (grants.gov). Your funds could be awarded to your school by October 1st, 2021!

Who Can Use This Program: The Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) Preventing School Violence Program called the Student, Teacher and Officer Preventing (STOP) School Violence Grant Program supports county, local, territorial, and tribal jurisdictions in their efforts to reduce violent crime in and around schools supporting law enforcement and schools.

How Much Can You Receive: There's a $1,000,000 cap per grant for your school or district. Working with your law enforcement responders and your school together, the state agency can receive 2M—all over three years.


What Can We Do?

1.School safety projects that include the equipment and the training to use it by your staff and SROs along with responding police officers

2. Training to prevent school violence, including training local law enforcement officers, school personnel, and students.

CrisisGo provides training options and technical assistance in creating a practical planning and response platform.

3. The development and operation of anonymous reporting systems for threats of school violence, including mobile telephone applications, hotlines, and websites.

4. The development and deployment of multidisciplinary intervention and threat assessment teams, when necessary, evaluate severe risks of violence in schools and include coordination with law enforcement agencies, behavioral health specialists, community stakeholders, and school personnel.

5. Specialized training for school officials in responding to student mental health crises, including training on when and how to involve mental health professionals.

6. Support for any other measure that, in the determination of the BJA Director, may provide a significant improvement in training, threat assessments and reporting, and violence prevention.


CrisisGo's solutions tailor to your specific needs contact us for an evaluation.

Let's solve your problems together with STOP grant funding.


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