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Student Threat Assessment Manager

All the digital safety tools you need to manage the full scope of student threat assessments.


Technology to Support Student Threat Assessments

Conducting thorough student threat assessments can be a manual, complex process that starts by evaluating and diagnosing a threat. Most schools conduct student threat assessments in teams, which means collaboration and coordination is vital to conducting a successful assessment. Many student threat assessments are done with paper-based forms, notes, and reports that require hours of time investigating the threat, documenting the findings, and reporting the outcomes making multiple cases a year challenging for student threat assessment teams.

The CrisisGo Student Threat Assessment Manager allows your team to easily develop comprehensive targeted violence prevention plans that align to your schools' processes and procedures for providing student threat assessments, or to use the existing CSTAG or Federal NTAC guidelines.

Identify Threats


Receive tips from students, parents and staff about threats found on social media, on campus and more. School leaders receive threat report.

Communicate and Confirm

Threat assessment team collaborates and confirms severity of student threat.

Activate Threat Team


Assessment team opens case, begins threat assessment and completes a safety plan for the student as required.

View Threat Assessment Report

All team members can access report details, mark threat level, monitor progress and export final report to print.



Threat Assessments with CrisisGo

Watch our video to see how CrisisGo's Student Threat Assessment Manager streamlines the process and approach for student threat assessment to give your schools the ability to handle the full scope from reporting and investigating to collaborating as a team and coordinating support.

Stop The Path To Violence

In order to stop an emergency before it happens, you have to be able to effectively and efficiently detect and assess threats before providing the appropriate form of support. You can make the student threat assessment process more collaborative, efficient, and secure at your district and schools by learning more about our Student Threat Assessment Manager.

CrisisGo Student Threat Assessment Manager

SIMPLIFY behavioral threat assessments with case management software

SUPPORT all threat assessment models or create your own forms

AUTOMATE case transfers to new buildings when students change schools

COMMUNICATE and COLLABORATE across team to help students get off a pathway to violence

INTEGRATE with school student information system and threat reporting systems

Student Threat Assessment Manager - multi device

Continuous Communication

Stay connected day in and day out with alerting tools that quickly grab the attention of team members, and instant messages that allow for conversations between members while in the process of collecting or analyzing information.

Student Threat Assessment Manager - multi device
Student Threat Assessment Manager - Risk items screen

Seamless Collaboration

Keep everyone on task and reduce the buffer time between steps with real-time checklists that provide visibility into every step of the process, helping to move the student to safety in a shorter period of time.

Student Threat Assessment Manager - Report details screen

Centralized Reporting

Build a central threat reporting repository where threats and tips can be submitted via phone, web, email, or smartphone application and student threat assessment results can be analyzed via pre-designed reports or exported to more advanced Business Intelligence (BI) tools.

Student Threat Assessment Manager - Report details screen
Student Threat Assessment Manager - Case Details screen

Case Management

Monitor students all in a single system. As students move from district to district, the student case file is transferred to the new building. All threat assessments reported on the student can be instantly accessed and reviewed by the district designee of the receiving building.

Need More Information?

Check out these helpful resources to learn more about Student Threat Assessments. 

"CrisisGo bridges the gap between the two by allowing Behavioral Assessment Teams and front-line staff to communicate and assess suspect behaviors in an online platform so that everyone is on the same page and help can be provided in a prompt manner."
Dr. Steve Webb
Goreville Community Unit School District 1

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