A Mobile Emergency Communications Solution

CrisisGo is a comprehensive emergency planning and communications platform that puts emergency response plans on mobile devices and desktops for immediate use when they are most needed.

With CrisisGo, administrators and employees in any organization have quick access to emergency response procedures and can quickly report emergencies, call for help and stay connected during a crisis.

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CrisisGo is your complete safety solution.


With CrisisGo, school district administrators and teachers have access to their emergency response plans right on their mobile devices, along with a communication system that helps them get through crisis situations. 

CrisisGo gives school districts the tools needed to ensure the safety of their students and staff when the unthinkable happens. With the touch of a finger, teachers and staff can access evacuation maps, student rosters, emergency contacts, a personal siren, and action checklists specifically for that person's role.


Your safety net just got wider.


CrisisGo solves both emergency and daily communication
needs for schools, businesses, communities, organizations,
and industries across the globe.


Connect Now with Parents & Students

  • Allow parents and students to obtain timely information about safety issues, changes in bus schedules, club and group updates, homework assignments, etc.

  • Allow parents to message administrators and teachers about important situations.

  • Allow students to trigger a panic button to alert administrators of safety fears (including GPS location, if desired).

  • Allow students to anonymously notify administrators of situations involving bullying, drugs, weapons on campus, etc.

  • Allow families to create their own communication groups that will include a panic button for children to alert their family members of safety fears when not on campus (including GPS location, if desired)


Raise Your Company's Safety Bar
with CrisisGo.


As a business leader, you have a tremendous responsibility of keeping your employees and customers safe at the workplace. In today’s volatile world, anything can happen and smart business owners must know exactly what the emergency essentials are for all situations.  

Your employees already bring their phones to work every day so why not turn their devices into mobile emergency response plans? By giving them the knowledge of what to do in the first ten to fifteen minutes of a crisis, you can mitigate disasters and save lives.  


Customer Safety

If you are a business in a shopping center, industrial park, or commercial office space, you need to ensure the safety of your customers at all times.  Should an imminent threat arise, instantly notify others the type of emergency and the actions they should take. CrisisGo also provides instant notifications to the police and fire officials.

Business Continuity Plan

As a smart business leader, you know you must have a business continuity plan.  Let CrisisGo’s mobile app play an integral role in that planning. Should a disaster strike, you need an emergency alert app to send notifications, provide evacuation maps, alert others to imminent danger or threats, and help lead you and your employees to safety.  It’s up to you to get employees to safety and immediately get back in business to protect your customers. Disaster recovery steps are embedded into your emergency planning to provide a comprehensive solution.

Stay connected to your community, your school, and your loved ones - all within one app.


Keeping members informed is important.
Keeping members safe is vital.

CrisisGo is the only mass notification and two way communication tool
that can help you achieve both goals in a single app.




Local Clubs


See how CrisisGo can benefit a club or organization near you.

Boy scouts, AARP, Teamsters, Garden Clubs, Chess Clubs, Elks Club,VA, Unions, CPA, NCAA are just few examples that benefit from the CrisisGo safety network.

  • Two-Way MultiMedia Messaging: CrisisGo allows you to communicate the way you want when you need it with text, voice-to-text recognition, photos, and video streaming. 
  • Mass Notifications: As a leader of a group, whether it is scouting, summer camps, or directing tennis leagues, you are going to need help. Recruit others for help on trips,raising funds, and planning special events by messaging them using.

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