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Alyssa's Law

3 Steps to Take for Alyssa’s Law


1. Meet the Requirements

Alyssa's Law requires that public elementary and secondary school buildings are adequately equipped with silent panic alarms to directly notify law enforcement in case of an emergency.

  • Have physical and digital panic button(s) in the facility
  • Send alerts directly to the 911 center’s system
  • Notify all staff and students of a crisis through multiple channels
  • Allow schools to conduct panic button alert system drills
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2. Additional Strategies Encouraged

Use the Alyssa’s Law requirement as an opportunity to not only meet the requirements, but solve the problem of better school safety for all emergencies.

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3. Select a Safety Technology Partner

CrisisGo has served over 16,000 schools for the past 8 years. CrisisGo has assisted schools to meet and exceed compliance for state requirements including: All Hazards Emergency Plans, Cleary Act, David’s Law, Alyssa’s Law, and State Mandated Threat Assessments.

    • Emergency Alerting and Communications expertise
    • 100% Uptime Over the Last 3 Years
      • Leading innovator in school safety software
      • Patented safety escalation system to first responders
      • Integrated with School SIS’s, directory services, and SSO
Alyssas Law Solution Checklist