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5 Use Cases To Streamline Crisis Response

Cari Struble
November 4, 2019

Emergencies don't happen every day, but when a crisis does occur, the minutes, or even seconds, it takes to communicate can make all the differences for school safety. Communication is most effective when it's two-way, especially in an emergency. When school administrators and safety teams are alerted to a situation, getting information directly from those involved helps them make the right decisions and respond more quickly, which can lead to an increased likelihood of a positive outcome.

Having a way to effectively communicate and provide access to instructions for any emergency right at your fingertips helps ensure even untrained staff can make proactive and potentially life-saving decisions. It's all about the communication! So, when a crisis occurs, you need to make sure the right people are instantly informed of the situation and those involved know what to do for any given situation.

We recently had the pleasure of having Greg Liedl, retired Transportation Director for Bemidji Area Schools join us for a webinar titled “From Alerts to Updates: How Communication Streamlines Crisis Response.” During this presentation, Greg walked through how his district has successfully communicated before, during, and after a major bus accident that resulted in 2 helicopter evacuations, 3 ambulances, several fire trucks, and dozens of law enforcement officials. Greg also touched on several other everyday incidents his district has faced and overcome thanks to their streamlined communication methods.

Check out the infographic below for a glimpse at the different incidents Greg covers during his presentation:

AlertsToUpdates_Final (2)

By having a streamlined communication process in place, it can make all of the difference during an emergency. Be sure to plan ahead and use the communication tools at your disposal to ensure all your stakeholders are able to communicate and alert key stakeholders of potential emergencies. To learn more about the incidents featured in the blog post, be sure to watch the on-demand video below and download the additional use cases from Bemidji Area Schools.



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