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Combatting Cyber Security Issues with CrisisGo's Digital Safety

Carolyn Vento
August 31, 2022
As technology and coding practices advance, cyber attackers are racing to find new ideas for breaching the information systems of organizations. As laws and regulations increase and institutions feel pressure to make fast decisions with limited information, efficient cyber incident reports and assessment processes are more crucial than ever before. CrisisGo’s innovative solutions can efficiently address a multitude of cyber security issues by helping organizations from prevention to recovery.
Here are some actions you can take with CrisisGo to combat cyber attacks:
Prevent cyber security breaches.
No matter the size of your organization, you need a digital safety platform that allows employees to immediately report suspicious activity in an effort to avoid security breaches. In addition, everyone must understand where their devices are located, where data resides, and what type of data is most valuable to the business. With CrisisGo, you get seamless integration with cyber security monitoring systems, with the ability to alert the cyber security team instantly once a cyber incident is identified.
Train and inform employees about cyber security risks.
Regularly communicate with your employees by training them and informing them about preventing security breaches with CrisisGo. If data is stolen, it could cost you as an employer as you may need to invest in complimentary credit monitoring for employees after an incident. Sometimes there are even more consequences. This July, there was a cyber security breach that disrupted operations in many school districts, involving a leading provider of student-tracking software. In Cedar Rapids, Iowa, a cyber security threat caused the majority of district activities to close over the week while it was addressed, and even caused some employees to go unpaid for the week. If a breach does occur, it is important to maintain the trust of your employees by informing them as soon as possible and updating them with information as the problem is solved.
Escalate cyber security threats to the appropriate teams.
As of May 2022, a banking organization must notify its primary federal regulator of any significant computer-security incident as soon as possible and no later than 36 hours after the banking organization determines that a cyber incident has occurred. Short time frames mean banks must have quick access to information and the ability to share that data with cyber security teams. No matter your organization type, you can connect customer IT and security systems with CrisisGo to automatically escalate security threats to the right team, according to protocols and regulations, even when the IT system is disrupted. You can streamline and speed up the cyber incident assessment process.
Alert and respond to cyber security threats.
The Colonial Pipeline hack of 2021 is the largest publicly disclosed cyber attack against critical infrastructure in the U.S.. The company’s IT systems were compromised and Colonial Pipeline had to go offline for days. As a result, an executive order was signed to improve national cybersecurity in the U.S. To investigate and resolve cyber security threats more quickly, you can respond by using the built-in CrisisGo mass notification tool to task people and alert the affected groups/customers. You can provide secondary logins when the internal IT system is disrupted, as well as allow the cyber security team to access key resource documents to recover from discontinuity. You can also provide a backup communication channel as the customer network is often compromised. You can trigger specific response tasks, while monitoring the progress until the completion of all of these tasks.
When your organization faces a cyber attack, your data may be at risk, but you can also be at risk of losing the trust of your employees or customers. You can solve your problems more easily and efficiently by reporting and assessing cybersecurity threats with CrisisGo’s digital safety platform. We can provide guidance on how to avert risks quickly and easily to all staff. Our disaster recovery plans will allow your IT teams and administrators to communicate outside the infected network and activate all systems to prevent additional damage. We can help you to prevent breaches, train and inform employees about risks, escalate threats to the correct teams, and alert and respond to threats if necessary. We know that we must keep creating and improving technology to consistently win the race against cyber attacks.

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