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With the US Supreme Court halting the OSHA ETS mandate, employers are left wondering how they will handle the monumental task of managing the health and safety of their organizations. States, public and private schools, and commercial businesses are searching for ways to implement COVID-19 vaccination, testing and certification protocols. These tasks put an extreme burden on those in HR departments and those responsible for managing the well-being of entire organizations. CrisisGo Safety iPass 3.0 is the flexible solution to effectively manage any type of protocols put in place and to ensure safety for all.
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Meeting the Requirements

To meet the ETS or local requirements, employers can address:


How to identify and update vaccinated and unvaccinated employee information.


How employees are to report the results of testing.


How to keep records supporting compliance.

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CrisisGo offers the utmost streamlined and secure way for schools and businesses manage the full scope of COVID-19 safety needs.

CrisisGo Safety iPass conforms to CDC and all COVID-19 protocols, helping you comply with local COVID-19 guidelines and laws. CrisisGo Safety allows you to combine symptoms, vaccination status and test results to determine the status of a person's ability to enter a facility.

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Health Management and Compliance, Streamlined.

Safety iPass is an easy-to-use, intelligent, real-time digital health management solution that assigns a badge status for entry, based on the results of Health Surveys (testing opt-in and CDC screening surveys), Vaccination Status & Test Results (with expiration date management), and any symptoms screening information. Status verification of those entering your facility or specific area within the facility can be managed by scanning staff ID badges, QR codes in the CrisisGo app, QR code printed badges, or reviewing the status via web portal.  

Safety iPass SaaS platform is built on Amazon Web Services and doesn't require any staff to download an application. Used by over 500,000 users and available in several languages, CrisisGo Safety iPass software solution was released in Summer 2020, based upon CDC, OSHA, and FEMA guidelines. Safety iPass allows agencies to validate employees, for example: defining 'Green Badge' as a validated vaccinated employee, ensuring the privacy and security of employee data with reporting analytics.


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Quick, simple, and effective Covid-19 testing management.
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COVID-19 Management Solutions

Vaccination Management

Vaccination Surveillance makes it easier for organizations to communicate with employees, collect and verify vaccine status, and monitor overall vaccination progress with ease.


Testing Surveillance helps organizations collect test results from unvaccinated/vaccinated employees based on schedule, assisting organizations in deciding workplace entry.

Screening Certification

Screening Certification allows organizations to check employees' and visitors' health status & symptoms before entering the workplace. Managing medical and religious exemptions.

Health Entry

The iPass Entry Badge is automatically determined by vaccination status, testing results, and screening health status. Organizations control workplace entry with ease while collecting attendance in certain workplace areas.


Based on workplace attendance, vaccination status, and testing results, Rapid Contact Tracing helps reduce virus transmission, prevent shutdowns, and facilitate communications with close contacts.

Quarantine Management

Quarantine management helps organizations manage and communicate with employees in quarantine status and release those from quarantine based on vaccine status & testing results.

Realtime Web Portal Dashboard

Administration staff can identify vaccinated and unvaccinated employees, expired test results, and expired test result management. Offers ability to generate reports for vaccination and employee testing report as proof of compliance.

Users and Existing Data Management

Safety iPass includes several method to manage users including Self registration web page, CSV import, SFTP for automatic synchronization, Azure, OKTA, AD, LDAP and ADP with single sign-on. Existing vaccinations and test results can be imported.

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What Makes CrisisGo Safety iPass S.A.F.E ?



Safety iPass is extremely simple for employees/students/parents/visitor and doesn’t require app to be installed. Customers experience 95% adoption rate after the first week of deployment.


$3000 per year for a 500 users organization.


Easy to deploy (less than 5 business days) with your dedicated account manager and simple to maintain with our user management integration options (Student Information Systems, CSV, Self Registration, Okta, ADP, AD, Azure, and LDAP.)


CrisisGo strictly focuses on People Safety and 16,000 organizations across 33 countries are using CrisisGo to maintain employees, students, visitors safety. CrisisGo solution has been recognized and certified by industry leaders such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Public Safety and Disaster Response (PSDR) competency status, FirstNet verified solution, ADP and Okta certified. CrisisGo solution is subject to ESSER federal grant funding. You can purchase CrisisGo Safety iPass directly from CrisisGo, AWS Marketplace, or using federal and various contracts vehicle such as OMNIA, NASPO via our partners.

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Starting at $3,000 per year with 500 users, offering monthly and multi-year contract options.