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taking action in school safety and meeting expectations

Taking Action in School Safety, and Meeting Expectations

Ethan Woodman
March 9, 2023

Have you ever wondered if you were truly doing all that you could to be involved in your school’s safety? When you hear “safety is our #1 priority,” do you believe it?

In this podcast episode, we dive into what it means to go from an inactive participant to an active participant in your school’s safety. We discuss the common hurdles that prevent teachers and staff from taking an active role in their school’s safety, and how we can overcome fear and anxiety to become better equipped with knowledge and skills. We also discuss meeting the expectations that stem from political figures, parents, and many others that influence how we view school safety. Listen in as Kelly Moor uses his personal experience, knowledge, and skills to educate our listeners on how they can improve their overall school safety.


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